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  1. oddpedestrian

    DBQ's are coming back now codified in federal law

    Thanks to the recently approved Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020, publication and acceptance of VA DBQ forms are now codified in federal law. The passage of this new Bill protects veterans (and private healthcare providers) who wish...
  2. oddpedestrian

    Credible evidence about SA being reduced to 30%

    FYI the VBA is proposing some changes to the rating tables the big one that's coming down is reducing the maximum for sleep apnea from 50 to 30%. This has been talked about forever but now the VBA is moving forward with it I chose not to post in public as nothing bas been officially released yet...
  3. oddpedestrian

    Navy loses federal lawsuit over PTSD/TBI discharges If you been a member here long enough you know we have come to the subjective opinion that the Navy screws the most people over specifically disabled Veterans either through a wrongful discharge or a botched IDES process. The Air Force and...
  4. oddpedestrian

    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    Right now there is a push to get bill H.R. 333 through Congress it would give Chapter 61 Retirees, that's most of us with a 30% rating from the DOD, with less than 20 years of service concurrent receipt. That is we would get our VA Compensation pay AND our TDRL/PDRL retirement pay. As of now...
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