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    Results are in

    Honestly man just take a breath and let the process take it's time. There worst thing I did during my process is worry and fret about what was going to happen. All you can do is go to your appointments and play the game until everything is complete. The process for the Coast Guard and the Air...
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    Results are in

    Let me know if you need anything answered. Are you Coast Guard?
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    Results are in

    Yea I had a good idea what it was going to be by looking at the VASRD conditions and ratings. Just the hardest part was the wait. Got a lot of education of everything by using this site and by knowing quite a few people along with myself going through the medical board process both in the Coast...
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    Results are in

    Finally heard word back and the results are 20% medically separated w/ severance.
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    Timeline coming soon...

    I just wanted to post on here because there is not much activity going on the Coast Guard side of the house here. I will post my timeline when I get my findings back which should be soon. I know there has to be others in the middle of the MEB right now, so how about we get a little conversations...
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    Coast guard confusion

    Get in touch with LT Roach in DC who is a medical board lawyer in the Coast Guard and ask him to go and talk to EPM that is right next door to his office.
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