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    FPEB Appeal situation

    The only time I can think of LDES possibly being a good idea is if you are a Reservist who is already rated by the VA and receiving benefits. IDES could result in a reduced rating for the condition which is already being compensated. Of course, if the condition has improved the VA should...
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    peb vs. adsep

    Look at AR 635-200, paragraph 1-33. It covers disposition through medical channels.
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    peb vs. adsep

    I disagree. The admin sep packet will likely include recommendations from the chain of command, but they do not typically provide input on selecting the admin sep vs the med board. It’s highly unlikely that anything from the 1SG is going to make it into the file. The separation authority will...
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    peb vs. adsep

    Your med board might be held up due to the Admin Sep. But, once they both get done the separation authority decides whether to separate you medically or administratively.
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    21 Years Guard LOD overturned

    Definitely talk to an attorney. I don’t know whether there is any distinction between an informal and formal LOD but I don’t think the MEB or PEB has authority under regulation to overturn an LOD.
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    Should I Submit a Statement to Rebuttal my AdSep?

    You really need to ask your attorney this question. They know the facts of the case and probably have a pretty good read on how your General handles cases.
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    Admin sep

    Chaplaincharlie is correct about the concurrent processing. What this means is that the PEB and the admin sep each work to conclusion. It will be up to the separation authority whether to approve the medical retirement or the admin sep. This means that that the medical retirement could be...
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    Admin sep

    This precisely right. The two processes run concurrently and final action on the admin sep is put on hold until the results of the PEB. If medical retirement is approved, the separation author
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    Best source for VA loan preapproval?

    Why would you think that someone receiving VA disability at 100% rate would not be approved for a VA home loan? Financing is done through lenders, just like any other home loan. The VA only guarantees the loan, they don’t finance so you would need to look at the lender overlays to find out...
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    IPEB: Return Without Action?

    I would also like to see if anyone has insight on this. I’m pretty sure that the MEB/PEB can’t change an LOD yes to a no. What would be the point of doing a full LODI if the PEB can simply change it or disapprove it?
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    What makes a good client?

    Don’t worry about being a “good client.” It’s your case and you are paying the attorney to assist you. If you have questions, ask. Your attorney may not realize you don’t understand something. One of the few things you can do wrong is not be truthful with your attorney.
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    LOD and EPTS

    r/o bipolar is not a diagnosis. It means rule out bipolar.
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    Army reservist found fit by PEB for 2nd time

    The regulation prohibiting concurrent receipt does not authorize waiver of military pay by the services. In fact, what you mentioned is pay avoidance, not a waiver of military pay. Soldiers should be paid by the unit and then report it to the VA. If, under those rare circumstances, the drill...
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    Army reservist found fit by PEB for 2nd time

    No! That is incorrect. First, you cannot waive military pay. Second, even if you could the 4 days of military pay is almost always higher than the 4 days of VA disability you must waive - sometimes substantially. You waive day for day, not month for month. 100% disability is around $106 per...
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    Army reservist found fit by PEB for 2nd time

    You should check out the USARC video on YouTube about VA disability. You can particirate in the Reserve and only waive the number of days you performed duty. In a month you attend drill you must waive 4 days of VA disability. If you VA payment is $3106, you would waive $414 but retain your...
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    Question Regarding Dual Processing Misconduct and Medical Separation

    I don‘t know about the Navy, but for the Army the entire process can take a long time. Your case shouldn‘t take too long since it’s going through Notification procedures rather than Board procedures. It doesn’t need to go through the Board of Review.
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    Question Regarding Dual Processing Misconduct and Medical Separation

    This is not that unusual. You have described the situation correctly. The med sep and admin sep actions run parallel. A final decision is not made on either until both processes are complete and then it goes to the Secretary or delegee to determine which separation will be approved. It...
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    Driving home from drill, car accident, is that considered on duty for an LOD?

    Probably, but you need to ask your commander to do a formal LOD. It is best to report it right away.
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    BH Missed Appts

    An Article 15 does not stop the MEB.
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