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    Working for the VA, bad idea?

    I worked with the VA for 5 months after I was medically separated. There was much more good than bad regarding it. Because you have the 10 point preference, most times, they won't even interview you. They will blindly select for GS-5. They also have the good governmental benefits of the...
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    Lower Back Sent for VA Recon

    Didn’t go as hoped. The VA letter basically said that because he didn’t use the protractor and they used a computer ( typically more accurate) they won’t change it. I’ll be separated 8 March. I’ll be appealing after I get out.
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    Lower Back Sent for VA Recon

    So I have a question, I was rated at 20% with a "ROM" of 55 Degrees. Had severe pain throughout the ROM. Was recommended by Disability Attorney to have a secondary ROM done by a chiropractor. Their ranges were vastly different and I still had pain. The chiropractor is covered by the VA's...
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    MEB Initiated Today

    It will be reviewed during the MEB Process by the VA but more than likely as not disqualifying conditions.
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    So I have gone through majority of the process already but just wanted to give you guys somewhat of a timeline currently. Code 37-Dec 12 2018 Letter of Intent- May 2019 C&P Exams-Jul 2019 MEB- Aug 2019 Disqualified for continued military service IPEB-Sept 2019 Disqualified for Continued...
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    FPEB Results

    @Cody1 I'm glad you got radiculopathy added as an unfitting condition. I just finished my FPEB last week and they ruled against adding radiculopathy because I wasn't seen specifically for it. I was seen multiple times for my back and when asked I told them about the numbness and tingling but...
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    Timeline question

    I feel my timeline is extremely slowed. I was put in for a Code-37 12 December and have submitted the commander's impact statement to my First Sergeant twice now with a Do Not Retain recommendation. I haven't had any appointments with the PEBLO, VA, or anything more than just my initial NARSUM...
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