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    Sheppard AFB Peblo Problems

    Since 2 October 2020 I emailed and tried to call my Peblo several times with out an answer. (the number I had for him was no longer working) Finally, around 4 Dec I went back thru emails and found out who he CC'd on his emails. I emailed her and turns out this guy has been sitting on my case for...
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    Here is my Timeline so far/Sheppard AFB/ (Lumbar Spondylosis With Radiculopathy; dod Referred)

    I've been searching this site a lot for information so i figured it was my turn to post how my process is going. Along with the back problems I have (2 surgeries) there are 16 other ailments being claimed. One question. Can something be added to the DOD referred list after the C&P exam that...
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    MEB Question

    I've been reading through some posts, and it seems people who find out they are being MEB'd are contacted by someone within a few days. Here is my situation: Saw PCM Sept 22, 2019 due to recurring back and knee problems. Had (2nd) back surgery a few months ago. So after the Dr saw me she put...
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