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    Question: possible outcome of PEB regarding mental health issue 'EPTS' and aggravated by combat service?

    Thank you very much for this response. Make me calmer after reading it. I do have an anxiety issue so that likely contributed to how I wrote my post, but I'll keep all of this in mind. All the best.
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    Question: possible outcome of PEB regarding mental health issue 'EPTS' and aggravated by combat service?

    Background: My PEB has not started, but after reading DoDI 13321 and SECNAV 1850.4F, I'm really not optimistic about receiving medical retirement. Here's why (bullet points): Note: EPTS (in title) = Existed Prior To Service. I know what the DoD and SECNAV instructions say, but the language...
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    It has to be a provider from the MTF to which you are assigned. Yes it can be a psychologist or psychiatrist, provided they have 'Convening Authority (CA).' 'Out in town' provider is a no-go. (Navy) Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED) 18-9 and 18-24 tells the LIMDU process from top to...
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    Possible outcome of MEB?

    Thank you, SgtRockyBoulder, for sharing. I have a very similar issue to yours. I was placed on LIMDU (second period) for Major Depressive Disorder and psychological trauma, on 29 March 2021. Mine existed prior to service and is assessed (by a Navy Mental Health provider) to have been aggravated...
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    question reg. officers on permanent LIMDU

    DISCLAIMER: I am not on permanent LIMDU and I have no idea what will happen with my case. I am curious about permanent LIMDU as it might be my fate someday. Does anyone know whether an officer (Navy in my case) can get promoted while on permanent limited duty. What is the point of the FITREP or...
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    About to begin a PEB in April

    Thank you. Your response is something I can use as planning guidance. Even if I'm LIMDU, I still need to do whatever I can to be competitive for promotion (if/when eligible) -OR- pivot to a civilian career. Continuing education is always a must.
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    About to begin a PEB in April

    I’ll add another comment. My attending provider and I had a discussion where I argued against a PEB because I was holding out hope for a promotion to O-4. There’s a long version to this story, but I’m going for brevity here. He basically asked why I would turn down potential benefits resulting...
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    About to begin a PEB in April

    Seriously, thank you for the response. The most difficult part (so far) is having a ton of question and only one or two people to answer them. I stumbled across this forum while doing research. Glad I did. More questions to follow once the PEB begins.
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    About to begin a PEB in April

    Hello: I am currently on AD (USN). I am working with my behavioral health provider, who is also a convening authority (CA). My PEB will address my ankle, back, and mental health issues. Right now I only have two questions, although more questions will come as I get deeper into this process. I'm...
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