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    Waiting on Separation Order

    I signed my AF 1180 on 05 March and am still waiting on my separation order. Is there anyone else who is also waiting on their orders? I tried contacting my PEBLO and even called TFSC, and no one has any updates for me. Starting to become a little worried because I am supposed to start my new...
  2. J

    AFRC Active Duty/AGR IDES Timeline

    I was finally able to piece this together, so here is my timeline for my case: I am an AFRC AGR on title 10 orders with 8 years AD time, so my case has been handled by the nearest AD medical facility, Robins AFB, GA. 05 Feb 20 – Referred to DAWG by PCM 15 Jun 20 – IRILO Package (NARSUM & CIS)...
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