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    Almost there!

    I'm almost done. Waiting to sigb my 199. It has been out for signatures since 28 Sep. Doing everything possible to expedite because I already have a job offer. If you have any tips for expediting, please share. It's so close but seems so far away.
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    NARSUM issues!!

    I received my NARSUM today and I am pretty upset and wondering if anyone has any advice. My biggest gripe is that there are statements in there that are flat out lies. 1. The MEB dr said I never mentioned my back on my PDHRA. That is not true. I had my PEBLO pull ip the document that clearly...
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    Should I be concerned

    I am going through the MEB process for DDD in my cervical spine. I completed my VA appointment for the MEB related to my neck and they took multiple x-rays of my entire spine. My cervical spine x-ray came back negative. However, I have had multiple MRIs (including one within the last 4 months)...
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    MEB/Rating question

    Hello all, I have almost 8 years in the Army. I have been dealing with neck pain/numbness in arm/fingers/hand for 5 plus years. I have already had cubital tunnel surgery, nerve root injections in my neck, pain management, physical therapy and the symptoms always come back. My last MRI in NOV...
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