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    CRSC Payment?

    1. DoD Gross disability: $1,204 2. DOD - 30% 3. Years 5.8 in points 4. VA Comp - 70% single 5. CRSC - 60% 6. No just VA disability and DoD
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    COVID-19 Military Domestic Travel Ban

    Hello all, I am currently in the process of clearing my installation for my medical retirement (Which will most likely be pushed to the right due to the ban). I would like to start a thread to see if anyone else will be ETSing around this time and how you plan to prepare...
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    Difference Between DoD and VA ratings?

    Hello all, Im sure there is some thread out there describing this, however I am having a hard time finding it. What is the benefit of receiving 30% or higher from the DoD if I will already be receiving compensation from the VA? From my understanding, if I receive under 30% the DoD will cut me a...
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    Hello all, I just wanted to share my timeline with you all to hopefully share some info with you guys. 05/31/2019- Diagnosed with TBI and Migraines. 12/5/2019- PCM referred me for a MEB 12/18/2019- All signatures acquired for P3 profile. 12/23/2019- referral stage completed. 12/27/2019- VA...
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    PCM started MEB for headaches instead of Migraines?

    Hello all, So I just got my permanent profile printed off today. I am a P3 with the condition reading “Bilateral Intractable Headaches” has anyone else had this happen? If so let me know how it went. Kind of shocking.
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    Hello, my name is Ryan and I am in the army. I hit my head on a jump a year ago and shit hit the fan. I was diagnosed with PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) and Migranes. Also cognitive impairments such as memory loss and depression/anxiety as well as PTSD. They’re talking about sending me through...
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