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    Lower Back Sent for VA Recon

    So I have a question, I was rated at 20% with a "ROM" of 55 Degrees. Had severe pain throughout the ROM. Was recommended by Disability Attorney to have a secondary ROM done by a chiropractor. Their ranges were vastly different and I still had pain. The chiropractor is covered by the VA's...
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    So I have gone through majority of the process already but just wanted to give you guys somewhat of a timeline currently. Code 37-Dec 12 2018 Letter of Intent- May 2019 C&P Exams-Jul 2019 MEB- Aug 2019 Disqualified for continued military service IPEB-Sept 2019 Disqualified for Continued...
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    Timeline question

    I feel my timeline is extremely slowed. I was put in for a Code-37 12 December and have submitted the commander's impact statement to my First Sergeant twice now with a Do Not Retain recommendation. I haven't had any appointments with the PEBLO, VA, or anything more than just my initial NARSUM...
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