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    An LOD is a command function. A doctor cannot do an LOD evaluation. It is the commander's responsibility.
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    Have approved Reiterment but unit wants MEB

    Grayworm. I wouldn't worry about losing your retirement. You are close enough that even if, hypothetically, the PEB comes back with results before your retirement date, you are in a safe harbor window, and should be good to go for continuation to your retirement date. IMO going through the MEB...
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    CRDP Math Check

    Roger. Thanks Ron. I appreciate your help.
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    CRDP Math Check

    Hey Guys, I have gone through pretty much all the forums to make sure I have my head wrapped around CRDP. I just need some folks who are knowledgeable to check my math (I have many skills, but math is not one of them). Here are the brief relevant facts, as well as my calculation: 21+ years...