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    Can I Apply for Retirement?

    I'm over 20 Guard years and 19 AGR. Package got caught right before being sent to AFPC (IPEB) and now on hold until resolution, which could take a while. Although I could begin terminal leave for regular retirement in May, I fear being extended due to this process dragging out in what seems like...
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    DBQ "Remarks" vs Diagnosis - Meniere's Disease (Help)

    So I got copies of my DBQs that were preformed by QTC. I am absolutely dumbfounded by an ENT's response relating to my diagnosis of Meniere's Disease. I was previously diagnosed over 2 years ago with Meniere's and have been taking two different types of medications to help with vertigo and...
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    Shaw AFB

    Anyone recently undergone a MEB at Shaw? Heard one PEBLO left and now there's only one person. No return calls or follow-ups. Any other experiences here, good or bad?
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    ANG NGB Timeline

    I realize we have a forum for the Army NG timelines but do not see one for the Air National Guard. Has anyone here in the ANG recently gone through a MEB or IRILO? If so, how long did it take you to get a "fit/unfit" finding? My package has been sitting there for several months and have not...
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    Beginning Process

    Hello, all. Just starting the process. ANG (AGR). Code 37 last month. Met with doc over drill weekend to discuss issues and hopefully get the NARSUM started! Commander's letter sent to CC this week. IRILO being put together for the following: Meniere's Disease, neuropathy, migraines, sleep...
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    CC wrote letter but not what I should be getting

    Oki so I finally met w/my CC to go over the "heavily weighted" commander's letter that goes to the MEB. He doesn't really know all my medical conditions and severity nor am I performing duties in my primary afsc...I'm doing a special duty assignment. Anywho, he wrote a very nice, lovely letter...
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    New to MEB process and a few questions

    I've been a lurker here for a while researching my symptoms and comparing with what others are/have going/gone through. First and foremost, thanks to everyone who openly shares information. It's truly helpful with those of us who are new to the process and once we newbies go through and...