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  1. J

    Reserve Retired Pay Calculation

    Disability percentage. By getting run over by a Captain in a pickup while on post, on duty.
  2. J

    Reserve Retired Pay Calculation

    Ron, I'm rated at 60%, and will be placed on the PDRL, so Method A applies. I have about 2600 points, 16 good years, 24 years for pay (I came out of the IRR after a long time and did another 12 years) PEBLO is computing my pay as if I had 7 years of service (2600/360), no mention of the...
  3. J

    Reserve Retired Pay Calculation

    My PEBLO is saying my Base Pay for retirement will be based on Base Pay at (points/360) years of service, instead of Base Pay at 22+ years. Everywhere else I see High-36. I'm baffled that this is the case.
  4. J

    DA Form 5892 Calculations (Reservist)

    Got my DA 199 back yesterday, rated at 60%. Have my counseling with the PEBLO on Monday. The email she sent specifically says the base pay is based on effective active duty years. My situation: 16 good years for retirement 22+ years for pay purposes 6 years 7 months for pay based on PEBLO's...
  5. J

    Having surgery for an LOD injury, can I be put on medical orders?

    Looks like I'll be out of work for a month, and 12 weeks of physical therapy. INCAP pay seems to take forever to process, I'd rather be on orders.
  6. J

    Army Reserve Active Duty Medical Extension Backdating

    I was in the same boat. They never did process the orders.
  7. J

    Who initiates the MEB/PEB process? (Army Reserve)

    Ok, I did get ahold of the correct person to handle it. Looks like the next step is to explain to my civilian surgeon what a profile is and discuss what of my injuries are permanent. Which will probably result in a P3 and then a med board.
  8. J

    Who initiates the MEB/PEB process? (Army Reserve)

    Is that the Geographical Command or the Functional Command? Is it the same folks handling my profile? I still haven't fully grasped the Reserve medical's a pain compared to being on orders at the MTF. Thanks for the link. I'll include it in the AAR I'm writing for the BN and...
  9. J

    Who initiates the MEB/PEB process? (Army Reserve)

    Absolutely should have been retained on AD. We discussed transfer to a WTU, but I gather Brigade didn't know how to do it. In this case, who is my PCM? That seems to be a TRICARE Prime thing.
  10. J

    Who initiates the MEB/PEB process? (Army Reserve)

    I was involved in a pedestrian-vehicle accident on post while on a 45-day order. An LOD was done confirming it was in the line of duty. The accident shattered the neck of the femur, and it's held together with some nice titanium hardware. I've been on temporary profile for 5 months now with...
  11. J

    Where do I go from here?

    Army Reservist here. So, back in July I was on the 5th day of a 45 day order when I got hit by a car while crossing the street (in the crosswalk), shattering the neck of the femur. I've got a nice titanium bracket in there holding things together. They left me on orders for the remainder of...