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    Hurry up and wait?

    So 90 days total from entering the PEB and the appeal? Yeah that does seem odd for 1 condition to take that long. Also, are you army?
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    Hurry up and wait?

    How many referred and/or VA claims do you have?
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    Hurry up and wait?

    Dope Limbo. Congrats man.
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    Hurry up and wait? the link will not work unless your on a government computer.
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    If I was you I would keep soldier council on your side. As well as the IG’s number. Sometimes...

    If I was you I would keep soldier council on your side. As well as the IG’s number. Sometimes command can be super shady man. That would make me feel odd as well. Mine is going ok so far. I just finished my last CP exam on June 15th. My ebenefits says preparation for decision but that could mean...
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    IDES Timeline

    Yeah. It does, I think most people just consider it a normal thing at this point but it does suck because no matter what you do you accrue a debt in either circumstance. but I stated my Meb process on 5/10/21 so hopefully it will move quick like your has. I just finished my last QTC exam on the...
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    IDES Timeline

    Lets not forget your either accruing debt this whole time during the MEB as well if you are having VA debt from collecting military pay, or have an SGLI debt if you waive military pay.....At least for the guard anyway. You get debt either way.
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    Yessir. On 5/10

    Yessir. On 5/10
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    How did it go?

    How did it go?
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    Hurry up and wait?

    20 and 10 equal27 or 28 which rounds to 30. So.... I’m not sure what the peblo is saying.
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    Filing a second mental health claim

    I have occipital neuralgia, sciatica in both legs and have 40% rating for my back. So I am in a pretty good amount of pain throughout the day. It gets worse throughout the day. Chronic pain is typically tied to an injury. That's why I was asking what yours was. You need a diagnosis, nexus and...
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    IDES Timeline

    Sweet. Thanks for doing a step by step on that.
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    Filing a second mental health claim

    Ok So your the same as me then. You would get one rating for the back and one for mental health. The mental health will be rated on the following: 0% – This category is for veterans who have the diagnosis but do not show enough symptoms to impair work performance or social functioning or to...
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    Filing a second mental health claim

    What is the chronic pain for? If you look at the 38 CFR the Mental health is more based on your symptoms and they give examples of what those would be. I think Chronic pain plays a factor in ratings as you act differently in pain then not in pain. It honestly comes down to how you answer your...
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    IDES Timeline

    Shogun, I concur with the comments on calling QTC. I called once I saw E-benefits show "exam request processing" So I knew they had it. Which was also about 48 hours after my claim was submitted. Is there a way your looking that up on Tricare though? I am army guard so this may be just an active...
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    My Timeline

    Sucks you have to do that man. I'm hoping you get the outcome you deserve at your hearing.
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    Army Guard Timeline 2021

    That's not a bad timeline so far man. Sounds like the VA is moving super fast for you. I mean after getting your ratings back from the 18th and then seeing something pending by June 9th? That's awesome. Did you try to calculate the pending amount from when you put in your intent to file? Or...
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    Questions & Calculations: PEB Results: 80% DoD (TDRL) / 100% VA

    At the what point in the process do you talk to that group? I’m guard so I don’t know if that makes a difference