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  1. gsfowler

    Effective Date of C&P Award

    Correct me if I am wrong please. The effective date of the VA C&P for IDES is the day after you are released from active duty? I.E. The day after the final date on your DD214? VA C&P benefits begin on the first day of the month following your effective date? It would be bedtime practice to...
  2. gsfowler

    Need Guidance Regarding Chapter 35 DEA

    Hopefully somebody can point me in the direction of the correct answer for my question. I have been rated 100% P&T by the VA (proposed) and qualify for Chapter 35 DEA, I still have at least 4-6 months before my ratings are finalized. Section 301 of Public Law 109-461 states that if you are...
  3. gsfowler

    Need advice regarding ratings (big problem I see)

    Got my ratings...40% DoD and 100% VA One failing condition is rated by the Army at 30%, however the VA denied the condition as congenital (QTC doc called it congenital which is incorrect) Do indeed to do a VARR? Will this create an issue if the ratings get accepted by me and sent forward...
  4. gsfowler

    Opinion on TBI rating please (Jason, M.A. Parker)

    I have been rated at 70% TBI with cognitive deficits (not considered unfitting) and 30% for homonymous hemianopsia (left sided visual field defect, unfitting) that was diagnosed by VA healthcare (not QTC) and civilian providers. It is the medical opinion of the providers treating me that the...
  5. gsfowler

    Finally got my 199

    Here is my case timeline... Nov 16, 2009 received 60 day orders from SRP to begin MEB Process, referred to Ft Bliss WTU Jan 22, 2010 received 179 day orders for MRP to process MEB while at WTU Mar 6, 2010 transferred to CBWTU-CA and went home to begin medical treatment and MEB Mar 3, 2011 first...
  6. gsfowler

    Would it be appropriate to ask the Commander to amend?

    I just received a NARSUM amendment for CAD and there were some references to the commanders letter in it. I had not previously seen it so I think it was Ninja'd right past me. Nevertheless, the letter is well written, albeit very brief with not all of my medical conditions being addressed as...
  7. gsfowler

    Memo for CAD please

    Could somebody please link me a copy of the most current memo for Chronic Adjustment Disorder or if there is an addendum to AR 40-501 Chapter 3? I would like to know the standards for retention and what is considered to meet standards or not meet standards.
  8. gsfowler

    DRaS finally has started my rating

    After 1417 days in the CB-WTU. finally got a call from DRaS that they are begining my ratings. The counselor was very friendly and gave me here personal contact information to feed her any documents to asssit in the rating.
  9. gsfowler

    C&P Suspense

    How long are the VA (QTC) C&P evaluations good for?
  10. gsfowler

    ROM Insight?

    Could anyone provide any insight to proposed ratings for the following ROM tests? Right Hip Flexion (0-125) 80 initial, 70 degree at pain, additional degree of limitation 10 Extension (0-30) 0 Adduction (0-25) 0 Adduction (0-45) 25 initial, 20 at pain, additional degree of limitation 5...
  11. gsfowler

    Opinion on DA 7652 (Commanders Statement)

    I was just forwarded a basically blank DA7652 and asked to fill in the blanks as best as possible. Should I be commenting on functional limitations or should I leave that up to the CBWTU commander? I have had virtually zero interaction with the CBWTU Commander (would not know me from Adam)...