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    PDBR Application DD Form 294

    In looking this over, have it filled out already yay, I was wondering if I could get a very rough guestimate of what I should expect. I was a Navy corpsman who was discharged for PTSD. Started out where they blamed it on family problems( wife left me four months before deployment, got a new gf...
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    PDBR Application DD Form 294

    Thanks goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    When can you file through VA?

    Its good to see so many people helping each other out. Someone has to do it right? I think this forum shows the goodness in people. Kinda off topic I know, but hey, its true!
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    When can you file through VA?

    A denial on active duty, which is what the guy could get if he files and his MEB is not done, is an admin denial as he is not yet a veteran and therefore not entitled to benefits at this point. You can't appeal that. You have to reopen the claim which is basically sending in a DD214, this will...
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    When can you file through VA?

    If you are in service and awaiting an MEB you are supposed to have your results back before you file or your claim may be denied as still on AD. I would check with your local VA office because even though a VSO may file a claim it may not be processed if you are still on AD. Remember, you are...
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    VA Compensation on TDRL

    Unless you were retired on longetivity and over 50 percent disabled or your disabilities are combat related (whether it is disability retirement or 20 plus year tretirement) the law states you cannont recieve retired pay and disability compensation. Therefore they withhold one or the other. Most...
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    Va rating of 60%

    Wow. Well, I well say you have a pretty solid case since they didn't even mention ROM in the rating. Do what you need to do with that bad boy and show that PT evidence and my guess is that you will be set up with a C and P exam. You should be good after that. Or if you are lucky a Decision...
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    Va rating of 60%

    Ok, you are looking at the main letter that tells you what you got. There should be a thick looking legal document that was with that letter. It should have each of your claims with a number by them from 1 to however many you claimed. This is the rating decision. It has a big Veterans Affairs...
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    Va rating of 60%

    I could see an appeals officer overturning it, but look at your rating decision and see what it says for your VA examination portion. Did you have one of those DOD/VA joint physicals? They had to have a VA exam to rate it or enough evidence of record to make a decision. The only way they...
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    Re-paying my Involuntery Seperations Pay?

    Its tricky and I hated this when I was a veterans service representative processing notification letters. What we were doing before I got promoted to rating was assuming the military recouped the separation pay because you were allowed back in the military. But you were NG and activated so I'm...
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    Permissive TDY question

    When they sent me home awaiting orders I did my check out, and than never had to come back. It was SUWEEEET. But like said before, its in your commanders hands. It would suck to have to come all the way back for your last day :P Luckily I was useless in the eyes of my Marine Corps unit and my...
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    Shoulder and Knee

    If you have instability of your knee and limited or painful motion that alone will be two ten percents. The knee is a strange animal, you can get three seperate ratings if you warrant them for each of your knees. This hardly happens, but is a possibility. Than you talk about your shoulder, and...
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    1'st VA PCM appointment

    The TBI clinic I went through was four hours long. It was really good. From what I understand is it is mandated by Washington if you report being exposed to a TBI than you have to go in for this appointment. Boy was it grueling, but it was decent. For the most part I was happy with the VA on...
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    1'st VA PCM appointment

    Problem is I work for the VA rating disability claims so I have to suck it up and deal. I have no good avenues to vocie my complaint. Even my OEF/OIF cordinator doesn't do much when I complain to him. I go to a private doctor now because I would rather pay than get treated as I do. I'm hoping I...
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    1'st VA PCM appointment

    Glad to hear your experiences are good with the VA. Out here in Utah it is terrible. I have been through two primary care docs already, and I am trying to get my deviated septum fixed (smashed in an accident in Iraq) and have to wait two-three hours past my appointment time to be seen, at which...
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    Multiple Bilaterals

    Just an FYI, All musculoskeletal disabilities are included when figuring a bilateral factor. Also, things like neurological disabilities, cold weather, injuries, varicose veins, etc have a bilateral factor. All other disabilities, i.e. bilateral hearing do not.
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    Computer glitches suck. Its good to hear all the widows will get what they are entitled to. I've seen computer glitches where the computer messes up the direct deposit info and stops the payments. Example, Merrill Lynch accounts have a number in them, and the system did not accept the account...
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    December 1 and still no DD 294?

    No, thats just a letter telling you your VA pay will be increased. Its the cost of increase letter, nothing to do with the PBDR.
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    Need help with VA math

    They way I understand it now is medical retirees are now entitled to CSRC. You just have to apply. If you are retired and not eligible for CRSC, than your retirement pay will be withheld totally and you will recieve your full VA benefit. If you are found entitled to CRSC you get both. Pretty...
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    Denied for life insurance

    Life Insurance (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) Our insurance programs were developed to provide insurance benefits for veterans and service members who may not be able to get insurance from private companies because of the extra risks involved in military service, or a service connected...