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  1. J

    ptsd formal board DC

    Based upon my experience with ptsd, depression, and anxiety, they want to see that you're taking steps towards fixing the problem either with meds, therapy, or a combo of both. It is definitely not in your favor to be doing none of this. I understand that there are some doctors you may not like...
  2. J

    severance and 2008 ndaa.. help!

    I was placed on tdrl in September 2007 prior to the 2008 ndaa taking effect. My meb however didn't take place until 2010. It says that members medically seperated on or after the law was put into effect would benefit from the changes. Does that mean me? I was seperated from the air force prior...
  3. J

    air force tdrl confusion

    The 18 month rule didn't apply to me.. between my date of seperation and my tdrl eval was almost 2 1/2 years. My secaf appeal is taking well over a year now. I keep hearing about others who are getting their decisions back.. why is mine taking so long!
  4. J

    Re-eval for TDRL

    It took about two and a half years for me to get my eval.
  5. J

    air force tdrl confusion

    I was active duty air force, placed on tdrl in September 2007, and didn't have my tdrl evaluate until February 2010. Sent my secaf appeal in very beginning of October 2010 and am still waiting on results.
  6. J

    any updates on secaf appeals?

    So that's seperation with severance? How far out do they have your separation date and is there an estimate on when you should see your severance check?
  7. J

    how long does it take to get your severance?

    I am currently awaiting a decision on my appeal to the secretary of the air force in regards to my tdrl. I was told today once a decision is made (I'm assuming it will be separation with severance) my separation happens in 20 days and my severance will come in 90 days. This makes me nervous...
  8. J

    Timeline on appeals/rebuttals

    I sent in my appeal September 2010 and I still haven't heard.. can't believe you recieved your decision already.. what do you mean the paper work was dated may? It took them that long to get your paperwork to you? Did your rating stay the same? As far as i know the secaf appeal is our last...
  9. J

    any updates on secaf appeals?

    Curious if anyone would like to share how long they've been waiting on a decision on their appeal to the secaf or how long their decision took. I've been waiting a year at the end of September and am desperately trying to get some sort of idea on when I can expect a decision. Thank you!!
  10. J

    have you received a decision on your fpeb appeal?

    Just trying to figure out how long people have been waiting to hear back on their SECAF appeal or how long it was until people got their results.. I've been waiting since September and Ive become kind of obsessed trying to figure out how long ill be waiting.. please share your experiences!
  11. J

    Timeline on appeals/rebuttals

    Hey all! I filed by appeal/rebuttal to the secretary of the air force last september. I know people have posted on here general timelines at this point (8-14 months is what I heard). I was just wondering however if anyone who sent in appeal around the same time frame (middle to end of last year)...