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    Severance Pay Calculation

    you get time for delayed entry program for pay purposes?
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    job and house hunting leave

    if i am getting out with severance how many days am i authorized for job and house hunting leave? (navy)
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    question about accepting 20% severance

    the offset that i was asking about is the 20% that the PEB found me unfit for comes out of the percentage the va would pay me. right now i am looking at the va rating me 100%.
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    question about accepting 20% severance

    how soon after i accept the peb's decision for severance will i be paid my money and if i am rated 100%(with wife and child) on the va side and 20% on the dod side how much will my offset be? will i still be able to use the post 911 gi bill and collect bah with it? thanks in advance.
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    DOD and VA questions. HELP!!!

    I know that the apnea, hypothyroidism won't be unfitting but shoudnt they still be rated? migraines could be be unfitting. but they found me unfit because of my ankles due to compartment syndrome but my ankles are a secondary condition to compartment syndrome for which the rated me 0% and was...
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    DOD and VA questions. HELP!!!

    after my initial peb i was found fit so i appealed it and was found unfit to be separated with severance 20% based on updated medical information i sent in as well as a personal letter (i didn't go in front of anyone at any board personally they just changed thier finding). i get the paperwork...
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    va compensation and offset. help!!!

    If i was to receive 30% med retirement instead of severance does a percentage of va monthly check get taken out by the DOD like how it is with severance pay or do I get the whole va check? thanks
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    the thing is they rated me for my ankles but not for my calves and shins which were the reason i was med boarded and the main cause of pain. the ankles were secondary caused by the condition in the calves and shins. they rated my calves under rating code 8599-8520. also the va did not include...
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    I just recieved the results from the IPEB board that they found me unfit and separation with severence pay 20% after I sent a rebuttal statementdisputing the first findings of fit for duty. I have some questions for Jason: should i appeal this to try and get 30% because no nerve test were done...
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    hi Jason, I am in the process of writing a rebuttal statement to the Navy PEB Board. do you know...

    hi Jason, I am in the process of writing a rebuttal statement to the Navy PEB Board. do you know what names should go in the to block or have an example of a rebuttal statement? thanks for all your help.
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    Results came in

    my results for my PEB for compartment syndrome in my lower legs came back as fit for duty. I can barely walk but they used the fact that i try to workout at a boxing gym couple times a week as an excuse to find me fit. but it is noted throughout my medical paperwork that i cant run, do eliptical...
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    I was just referred to PEB by my ortho surgeon for compartment syndrome

    right now i can do my job on shore duty but would be unfit on a ship as i cannot run and lifting anything over ten pounds for extended period of time is difficult. i have great pain climbing stairs and ladderwells so I would be useless on a navy ship and thats what my doc based his narsum on...
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    I was just referred to PEB by my ortho surgeon for compartment syndrome

    Hi, No new info package was sent to the board in April so hopefully in the next couple of months I will hear something back. are you trying to stay in or get out? how many compartments did they release on your legs? did you get it done at Balboa Hospital in San Diego?
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    help please!!! Hypothyroidism and Obesity (maybe jason can answer this)

    Hypothyroidism and Obesity (maybe jason can answer this) I am going through a PEB Board for Compartment Syndrome in my lower legs. I have also been diagnosed as having hypothyriodism and currently take synthroid for it. even though I am in pain all the time in my legs I go to the gym 4 times a...
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    Navy April IPEB Packages

    Thank you and good luck to you and your son. I was told it would be anywhere from 3 to 6 months before any decision would be made.
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    Navy April IPEB Packages

    My Timeline: 01/01/2010-second period of limdu expired (compartment syndrome in lower legs) 01/22/2010-MEB initiated 01/26/2010-Attended DTAP Class 02/24/2010-Reviewed medical record with the VA Counselor 02/26/2010-Recieved VA medical appointment letter 03/11 - 03/12 2010- Attended and...
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    question on IPEB packages

    So i just got word from my PEB counselor that my package was ready to be submitted to the I looked over the NARSUM from the my doctor, and the VA C & P exams. so I have a couple of questions . Firstly can the packages be sent to the board without the ratings from the VA? and do the VA...
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    Chronic Compartment Syndrome

    i too have this issue in both legs and had my surgery done at balboa...and yes alot is not known about this condition...i am waiting on my ratings from the VA and as soon as i get them i will share them here.
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    just finished my compensation exams with the va

    thank you very much