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    How you know when you are in PDRL ?

    If your other 2 conditions were permanent getting you the 30% to retire without calculating the 50% PTSD then your good regardless of the outcome of the 50% from TDRL TO PDRL. So the wording may still say TDRL until the PTSD is resolved. Use the VA calculator and add up the other 2 conditions...
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    medically unfit with 10% severance

    Appeal ASAP, your coverage will continue until that process is over. Not sure how long that may take. Just know you won't be dropped immediately. VA ratings won't change based on the DoD ratings, but VA could change in the future by going up or down if your not P&T or Unemployability.(can change...
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    TDRL is now 3 years instead of 5? Help!

    Upon exciting your M.E.B. your PEBLO tells you and it's in your final paperwork. It started Jan. 2017 and anything prior to that date is grandfathered in to remain 5 years TDRL. So if May 2017 was your date then it's 3 years TDRL.