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    PRB findings back awaiting for VA?

    I got word my findings came back, however before I can sign them the VA needs to send the package back to the peblo. I received my total projected disability from the VA back in June. Unsure what the VA’s roll is here but next week I’ll be able to sign them and start exiting. in total it was...
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    150+ Days

    I’ve had my package at the PEB for over 150 days. It’s been with the medical officer for roughly 120ish days. I was told by my peblo last week I’d get an answer this week, however still nothing. I also had a dude from another unit in my barracks who signed his findings last week and ours were...
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    123 DAYS @ PEB with a proposed rating

    Alright that makes sense. I also have a question in regards to accepted by PEB and with the medical officer as I’ve seen people post about it being sent/accepted by the PEB and then with the medical officer. What is the difference between the two?
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    123 DAYS @ PEB with a proposed rating

    timeline: Feb 20 - MEB started March 21st - All QTC appoints finalized April 28 - PEB package submitted May 10th - MED case accepted by PEB for action June 4th - VA rating finalized and proposed rating received. I’ve been on the PEB for 123 days, no end sight as I was told there is no active...