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    Referred to MEB, but need hip surgery

    Hi, I recently went to the MAR2 and was referred to the MEB by my State Surgeon. I'm 70 VA, rating with back, knee, hip, BH, and wrist pain. I happen to be a title 32 tech, so there's a whole other side to my situation. However, I'm considering having hip surgery sooner rather than later after...
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    MEB for Title 32 Army Guard Technician

    Hi, I just hit twenty good years this past weekend at drill. My RPAM statement states I have 4238 active points for retirement. I have 2 years 9 months of qualifying periods due to deployments. I have 70% VA disability for the following conditions: back pain (20%), R knee (10%), L knee (0%), R...
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    Title 32 Tech Disability Retirement

    Hi, I'll be going down the MEB/PEB road within the next year. I'm 44. Title 32 tech, ~4250 points, 70% VA disability. I have just over 3 years qualifying years so I could take my reserve retirement at 57. Hoping I'll end up with 30% from DoD. Whatever will be will be, but I'm trying to figure...
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    High-3 calculation when medically retired

    Question. I'm not in the process just yet, but I'm likely going through the MAR2 in the next 9-12 months as I know I'm non-deployable when I consider any more austere environment (which at this point means anywhere without memory foam bed, lots of car/place travel, wearing gear, and possibly...
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    Risk of doing MEB now- title 32 tech

    I have 18 yrs and two months in the National guard. Work as a title 32 tech. 60 percent VA disability. Two deployments and a two year active tour plus 3+ years of ADOS totalling just over 4000 active retirement points. I've been trying to hold on until 20 years (reserve side) so I qualify for...
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    Title 32 Technician Medical Retirement Scenarios (Please limit posts to "Technician Medical Retirements")

    I'm a dual status Title 32 technician. I have 18 years total of Guard service (4000 points total includes both M-Day and Title 10 time.) I have three active duty mobilizations. I started as a tech in 2014, buying back my time to November of 2011, so I'm going on 9 years as a tech. I've reached a...