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  1. Camel Whisperer


    I am halfway through the IDES process pending my NARSUM. I am in the National Guard on Title 10 orders. All of a sudden, my National Guard (Army) wants me to complete an annual Physical Health Assessment (PHA). I find this odd since I am going through the IDES process and will get declared unfit...
  2. Camel Whisperer

    90 Day Early Retirement During MEB/PEB process

    I am a National Guardsman currently on title 10 with 38.5 years of service. Recently was referred to the MEB/PEB (IDES) as of 6/8/2022. During conversation with my PEBLO last week, she mentioned my new RPAM statement (retirement points) that should be generated and uploaded to my iPERMS this...
  3. Camel Whisperer

    What are my chances of a MEB?

    Facts: Title 10 Orders 6/25/2020 to PRESENT 8 + years of Title 10 National Guard: 38.5 YOS 56 yrs Medical: LOD approved 10/30/2020: Cervical Disc Degeneration and Cervical Disc Disorder with Radiculopathy Physical Profile since 4/07/2021...