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    Outcomes for FAI with and without laberal tears?

    Hi - I know this is super late but I am currently going through the med-board process, and I have the exact same injuries as you in my right hip (Pain, Labral Tear and Impingement). I wanted to see what your final ratings ended up being? Also, when you got the diagnosis of ankylosis, what exam...
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    Major Flaw in Army Post-FPEB Appeal Process

    oh, that makes more sense. this is really good information to know. thank you for your help!
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    Major Flaw in Army Post-FPEB Appeal Process

    Mr. Gately, is this saying that the army is no longer doing formal appeals? What do you mean by "post-FPEB hearing"?
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    Title 32 AGR MEB Timeline

    Did you have to attend a Formal Board or did your ratings change without that once you submitted the IPEB?
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    My Timeline, Near 20 years.

    Hi- What is the difference between a IPEB and a FPEB?
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    Appealing PEB DoD rating

    Hi - If I wanted to submit a VARR to get my percentages reconsidered, will the VA only re-evaluate the condition that was declared “unfitting” or would they re-do the exams for everything I claimed to the VA?