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    Sleep apnea test after C&P exams

    I filed a claim 22DEC2017 and it is still open. I entered an LOD IDES process on 21JUN2018. MSC at the VA said he could not include it even though I ask to have it added on the Joint DoD/VA form. It will just have to run its course at this point I guess. Today I received an unexpected email...
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    Once you have been briefed on the complete, signed MEB results, including the completed VA compensation & pension exams (IDES only), you may submit any of the options listed below: (NOTE: You may bring someone of your choosing with you to any MEB/PEB recommendation briefing.) 1. No Election. You...
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    AGR Retirement Orders

    According to ANGR 600-5 6-2. Medical separation a. AGR Soldiers being processed through the Disability Evaluation System (DES) or medical board proceedings will not be released from FTNGD, or retired from an AGR status until final disposition by medical authorities. Final disposition is the...
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    Non Duty DES

    So, yes ARNG AGR can be separated for medical reasons once the process is completed, so I guess it depends on the medical reason and what percentage that the Service rates the conditions. I guess it is possible to come out better, or worse, than a 20 year AGR retirement. All depends on ratings...
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    Non Duty DES

    Maya, What is the rule for AGRs? I thought once you reached the 18 YOS that you were in sanctuary and guaranteed a 20 year retirement as long as the separation was not due to "cause"? I am not saying that the non-IDES is right, yet at least no matter what the outcome you will get the 20 year...
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    Past boards looking at

    Elwayb13, I agree with chaplaincharlie in that Staff workers provide the information and most of the time write the documents for the Commander. If you do not have a good relationship with the Commander, then try to pick the trusted agent that accomplishes the staff work to present the letter...
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    Past boards looking at

    Elwayb13, I feel the same way. I am currently just entering the IPEB phase and roughly two weeks into the 4 to 8 week wait to find out if fit/unfit and the DOD and VA rating. PEBLO (Air Force) indicates only 2% come back as fit, so that is encouraging. The angst is that is the referred...
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    Reserve (28+ years) Permanent medical retirement benefits?

    dvessel, There are some really good folks on this forum that can answer that question. Yet, it depends on your average top three and the DOD 30% rating. The way I am understanding it is that if your VACP is more than the calculated DOD 30% times your top three, then you will only get VACP...
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    Reserve (28+ years) Permanent medical retirement benefits?

    dvessel, This information is from the Disability Evaluation System Fact sheet that was provided by the PEBLO on or about 7MAY18: Permanent Retirement (PR): If the Board determines you are unfit for continued service and the disability rating for your condition(s) is 30% or more or you have 20...
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    Army or Air National Guard long delays

    I am not sure of the function, yet I did wait from NGB Assessing if LOD - Dec 2015 to IDES LOD IFPEB - 7 May 2018. The Medical group would just indicate there was a concern and were waiting for NGB to decide if it was an In service LOD. That could have been the DAWG that you are referring to...
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    Army or Air National Guard long delays

    Here is my timeline for reference, yet the IPEB results are not back at this time which is where I will learn of Fit or Unfit.
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    Is there any way to stall the IDES process?

    I guess the folks on this forum are going to need some more information to answer your concern. What is your motive/objective to "stall" the process? Part of the process is to determine fit or unfit for duty, so this results could be to return you to duty depending on why your were placed in...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    I do not see it in the enrolled bill and this is the version that was signed by POTUS. When I watched the Senate coverage no amendments were allowed and the Senate replaced the entire House bill with the Senate version. The conference report more or less took the Senate version. Space A...
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    PEBLO sent the MEB and Narritive - 9AUG18 I have 5 days to respond

    Not sure I like the verbiage on the MEB because it list only "Left DVT" as the discontinuing LOD condition (SEP2010). Where as my history is syncope (air evacuated to LRMC May 2010 but no diagnosis after 10 days), DVT left leg while on Title 10 orders (Sep2010), PE (July 2011) where I was put...
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    Invisible Wounds Evaluation

    Not sure if it is related, yet my determination took from July 2015 to May 2018 to get the answer of LOD MEB from my Medical Group and NGB. I was told that NGB was reviewing the case and would determine if the recurrence of the illness was an LOD. Not sure if that is a DAWG process as...
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    Final Ratings

    congrats on the final MEB and enjoy retirement to the fullest! Thanks for your service.
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    Finally over for me...

    Congrats on the conclusion of the MEB and thanks for your service. Best of luck in future endeavors and enjoy life to the fullest!
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    Questions on IDES process - no current LOD

    Make sure you are keeping your HR in the informational loop. As a "dual status" technician remaining in the military is a condition of employment. If you loose your military status due to medical reasons (must be on your discharge order as medical) then you will also get a special disability...
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    Denied MEB?

    As I recall from my flight line days (F-16C), anyone within a certain radius when the EPU (Emergency Power Unit that uses Hydrazine) fires is subject to exposure and anyone down wind for a certain distance. Of course you have the entire storage and maintenance of the fuel also where accidents...
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    Why is the DAWG taking so.............long

    Monkey64, as a dual-status technician your challenge is to stay employed. You have to be employed to get the special provision for a medical separation from the military. That being said do all you can to be on time for work and perform your PD duties. It you have issues then use the agencies...
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