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    Med Board Re-do?

    Just an update: A med board can start all over from square one with a new unfitting condition that was not identified in the original Med board.
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    VARR Turnaround

    Thanks! I personally didn't do a VARR so I wasn't sure of anything to expect.
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    Med Board Re-do?

    That's the exact impression I had.... Thanks for the input.
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    Med Board Re-do?

    Good Morning, My roommate recently went through a Med Board complete up to the SAFPC. Her findings were do not retain, 0%. She has applied for a VARR. She has in the last couple of weeks spent time in an inpatient facility for her mental health which was not an unfitting condition. My...
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    VARR Turnaround

    How long are VARRs taking these days?
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    AFPC Notification

    Before I retired, they were sending out MyPers messages. Some individuals would get them, some would not. It was spotty at best. The messages are vague and do not give you any details. You will receive any actual information from your PEBLO. I had a great PEBLO and she never let me down. I...
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    How long does it take from retirement date for the VA to officially certify your ratings?

    It took about a month for my ratings to be finalized.
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    Pay Question

    See my signature block for my final pay timeline. I didn't get my pay right on time, but it came rather quickly.
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    AF Final Pay Timeline

    Okay, so maybe it wasn't 45 days, but I was forewarned that it would be up to 45 days from my finance office and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived earlier.
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    AF Final Pay Timeline

    45 days is more like it. You can see my timeline in my signature.
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    Code 37 - AirForce

    myIMR is accessed from Air Force Portal.
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    Code 37 - AirForce

    See AFI 36-2110 paragraph 2.17.2 2.17.2. Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) Deferment. MTFs submit an AF Form 469 on airmen with physical limitations not of a temporary nature, that interfere with World Wide assignability, to indicate an MEB (which could result...
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    Code 37 - AirForce

    You should be able to check vMPF. Code 37 means: Member deferred from PCS reassignment pending results of MEB or PEB
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    Retiring while on the high intrest list?

    From my personal experience, the HIL will not keep you from retiring. I'm not sure what stigma it might give you retiring on the HIL and only you (and your chain) would know about it.
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    LA AFB Timeline (DCMA San Diego location)

    If there is one thing I learned, it's that eBenefits was not a way to track the progress of my case.
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    Tracking MEB? Air Force

    Unfortunately, the Air Force doesn't have anything cool like that. Yet.
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    MEB - Crohn's Disease

    My boyfriend has Crohn's and has been found fit for duty with a limitation code a handful of times. It does happen. He was diagnosed several years ago and still in.
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    TDRL - Retirement Pay?

    What she means to say is that he is not entitled to both the VA and Retirement pay. It's called CRDP.
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    GI Bill Issue

    Uhm, no. It's not a TDRL thing, It could be a TIS thing. How many years do you have in?
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    Bipolar Disorder TDRL vs PDRL

    My doctor stated that SM condition is likely to get worse before improvement shows and I was placed on TDRL. I wish you luck with yours.
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