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    One time VA reconsideration request

    My VARR took 5 months but that was 2 years ago. Hope you receive the news you want.
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    I need some advice on my MEB case.

    While you are waiting to meet with your PEBLO I would start reading and get very familiar with AFI 36-3212. It can help answer several of your questions. Also do a search for IDES timeline Air Force, it will give you a flow chart of how things work.
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    ANOTHER pay question... sorry bet they are annoying

    Yes it is correct but in addition to the VA percentage it also depends on how many years active service you did. It's called CRDP. This link can explain the requirements to be eligible for it.
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    pt test tomorrow

    The fact that you're being put up for a full MEB means you should have a profile on file, to me. Have you just not received it yet? If it's not too late I would talk with your PEBLO. Once they recommended a full MEB on me they issued me a profile soon after.
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    Estimated time for first retirement & VA payments?

    Since retirement like pay is paid in arrears that makes total sense that your first retirement check is for 1 August. Those paid on 1 July were given their money for 1 - 30 Jun, you were still in the military up until the 28th so you're not going to get the retirement pay.
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    Question about when you receive your orders

    They're digital (PDF). I received mine in my e-mail. I don't remember if they were on PRDA.
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    Based on your provided information it looks like you would not be eligible for CRDP because you don't have 20 years active service (i.e. active duty). You might be eligible for CRSC but you have to apply for it.
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    CRDP in the simplest terms is giving you your retirement pay in addition to your VA disability when you've met the eligibility requirements Warrior644 posted above. So it's calculated the same way retirement pay is. In my case I did 20 years and 2 months active duty, and came in under High-3, so...
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    Which part? Maybe I or someone else can explain what part you're caught up on?
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    VA proposed rating

    All I had to send it was my DD-214, it took just over 3 weeks for my claim to finalize.
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    Edwards PEB Nightmare

    If it helps any, Providence was never able to give me any information about my MEB. I wouldn't necessarily put a lot of stock in the information they're giving you. Keep in contact with your PEBLO, they can talk with your case manager directly. At one point I did call my case manager directly...
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    New, few questions

    For the AF there are an additional options. You can appeal to SAFPC after the Formal Board, then do the VARR. After that if the person still wants to serve they can file for LAS.
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    New, few questions

    Here is the MEB timeline for the entire process, for all of the services. Your husband is waiting for his results which means he's waiting to see if he's been found fit or unfit, if unfit he'll find out his DoD & VA ratings, this would be the Informal Physical Evaluation Board, in the 3rd...
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    Explain orders to me like I'm 5

    Okay I just went through this last year, AF as well. Your orders will come from AFPC, there is no sitting down with MPF to determine your last day in the military. You will let MPF know what your last duty day is though, i.e. the day you want to do your final out-processing appointment. This...
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    VARR on

    The wait in my case was a very good thing, it helped me get passed the 20 year mark. My VARR was only for 1 condition as well.
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    VARR on

    My VARR did not appear online at all. It took 5 months from the date the paperwork was submitted to the day I received their response.
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    AF Medical Retirement

    CRSC can be just about anything when we're talking in generalities. I say this because CRSC is based on each member's combat related disabilities. So it is possible that CRSC for this particular person is that high.
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    AF Medical Retirement

    The Army person may have been eligible for CRSC if they combat related service connected disability.
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    Edwards PEB Nightmare

    Based on people's experiences on this board it will depend. I didn't find out whether I was fit or in my case unfit until my ratings came back. Sometimes the PEBLO will tell the member but not all of the time.
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