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    New to MEB Process/Timeline

    Wow we are in the same boat. How long did it take for your NARSUM to come back? CC already did the "Do Not Retain". Just waiting on the NARSUM Asthma FEV1/FVC 45% (Pre) Asthma FEV1/FVC 66% (Post) Sleep Apnea (w/CPAP) Follow this Thread!
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    Respitory Conditions (Asthma and Sleep Apnea)

    The physician as well as the medical authority have initiated the process. Awaiting the Summary and Commanders Intent
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    Respitory Conditions (Asthma and Sleep Apnea)

    Good Day everyone, just completed my Initial RILO with my PEBLO. Explained I was 100% ok with Full MEB. Asthma Diagnosis FEV1/FVC: 45% Sleep Apnea Diagnosis w/ CPAP: AHI: 16.2 Commanders Intent and Supervision are on board with Full MEB due to frequently being sent home, medical...
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