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    AGR disability retirement

    So this is something I am currently in as a TR, and I've had discussions here but I think there is a misunderstanding. If you're a Reservist with less than 20 but over 15, a very narrow window, you end up with the final pay plan (the DoD calculator confirms this) If you have 21 good years with...
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    Reserve MEB 07/17 - Present

    Ever get a final outcome on this?
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    USAF Reserve (AGR) Timeline McConnell AFB

    whatever happened for you here?
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    How did it work out for you? I am in this situation now with 16yrs Reserve and looking at Chapter 61 retirement
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    Reservist Medical Retirement 23 total years only 15.58 "good years"

    So was all of what was said here, accurate for you?
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    Believe it or not, I'm having the exact same issue as an Air Force Reservist, and cannot get anyone to write my NARSUM. I already have an LOD, I have a VA rating of 100%, but no one will touch the NARSUM documents. Whatever answer you get here, I am very interested myself.
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    MEB after 100% VA P&T

    Same situation here as well, 100% Reservist going through MEB that was triggered by a medication I take for residuals of a severe TBI. On the Air Force side, they're still making me see a provider to complete the NARSUM, but the provider I am going to is VA, so they'll use my VA records. My...
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    100% VA P&T Rated - w/20 Year Letter - Pursue MEB vs. Transfer to Retired Reserve? (2023)

    I always wonder how the high 36 works if you’re a traditional reservist but have a medical (active duty) retirement. Is it theoretical (what you would’ve been paid if active duty) or it goes by your drill pay, which I don’t see how that could be done.
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    100% VA P&T Rated - w/20 Year Letter - Pursue MEB vs. Transfer to Retired Reserve? (2023)

    I’ve had 10 PHAs since the accident that caused my TBI, never triggered it. I had a prescription for Ambien, it came up in a drug test and I had to verify the prescription which I did (sleep issues since the severe TBI) and suddenly I was put on a profile and IRILO. Weird thing. I believe...
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    100% VA P&T Rated - w/20 Year Letter - Pursue MEB vs. Transfer to Retired Reserve? (2023)

    We have a really similar situation, Reserve myself, I promote to Major May of next year, TBI rated 100% but the big difference is.. I am at 15yrs versus your 20. You should get reduced retirement with your AD time, 4 years, so you could get concurrent payments at age 55? I have four years AD...
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    Reservist MEB already VA 100%

    Really appreciate the responses. This one will be LOD. I was on active orders training in Texas, the disqualifying incident/conditions are all linked to that, it’s just been a downhill progression since then that is well-documented with the VA. I’ve done about two years active cumulatively...
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    Reservist MEB already VA 100%

    Long time reader here to gain insight on my situation, but I still think it’s kind of unique and looking to see if anyone has advice/perspective I am 15yrs in as an Air Force Reservist, was never active duty although I’ve accumulated five years through deployments/assignments At my three...