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  1. HuntingDog22

    An Opportunity to Offer Solutions to a US Senator Regarding VA Problems

    I agree with you Jeep Freak. During all this time the members chain of command has so much time to talk crap to you and use you until you actually gone. My command found loop holes in the Fitness AI which let them make me take fitness tests so that I would lose a stripe. I saw no justice in...
  2. HuntingDog22

    Who Cares. The only thing that keeps me going is the pain.

    Who Cares. The only thing that keeps me going is the pain.
  3. HuntingDog22

    An Opportunity to Offer Solutions to a US Senator Regarding VA Problems

    I can see that there are suggestions from all corners and I don't know if my point of view would matter. But I would like to add this; as far as the Air Force is looked at, they don't have actual doctors. I was stationed at Eielson AFB and they have only 3 so called doctors (Captains acting like...
  4. HuntingDog22

    Proposed ratings at retirement changed when I got Final award today

    I just am stunned that all of your issues got taken into consideration. I guess I had to worst so called doctor in the Air Force that took nothing I said into consideration. I only got 40% for my 2 herniated disc's and nerve damage in my lower back, and a torn meniscus in my left knee got...
  5. HuntingDog22

    Veterans Preference

    What ever happened to the veterans preference with government jobs? My spouse and myself are both vets and no one will even give us a first or for that matter a second glance. I have tried to contact everyone and there mother for assistance with this matter and nothing. I don't know how much...
  6. HuntingDog22

    Job sites that cater to ex-Military/Vets

    I know I am probably beating a dead horse here. But I am not finding anything anywhere and its not due to the lack of looking, its due to everything needing or rather requiring the person to lift over 25 lbs. I can barely hold my kid let alone lift whatever these companies want. Can anyone tell...
  7. HuntingDog22

    Massive Depression

    I was diagnosed with depression during my evaluation. I left the service officially on the 27th of September. Since then my depression has worsened and I don't know what to do. Its not from the lack of not asking for help, but it doesn't help that when I do ask that I am told to make an...
  8. HuntingDog22

    How much impact does the CC letter have?

    i know that there is some truth to this but what if the commander has or lets say without any reasonable doubt does let the senior enlisted members tell him what he should do/say. this is what you should watch or listen for. cause if you have pissed someone off along the way and you need help...
  9. HuntingDog22

    Lack of help and knowledge

    well an update to my situation is due. i have seen a specialist at Madigan Army Hospital down in Seattle. After only 5 minutes he told me that my military career is over. I will always be in pain with or without surgery, and i will always need the use of a cane for the rest of my life. Once I...
  10. HuntingDog22

    Lack of help and knowledge

    so i just got back from the doc and after the next MRI i will be put in for an MEB. Now he says regardless of what the outcome of that MRI might show i will still be put in for it. If the MRI shows significant more damage of any kind the surgeon wants to know about so a course of action can be...
  11. HuntingDog22

    Lack of help and knowledge

    i will pull this up as soon as i can, my question/concern at the moment is that my so called doctor is not going to do his job. after speaking with my leadership i was informed that he should start the MEB process and not slack on it. if he says that it should only take a week then i need to...
  12. HuntingDog22

    Lack of help and knowledge

    I know it sounds like it, and even the surgeon at Madigan has said that they should start the process as soon as they read his notes. Now to be pro-active I called and asked my PCM's team about the notes. i got a call back saying that it only states that you can not do your job anymore. She was...
  13. HuntingDog22

    Automatic Separation when Medically Exempted from 2+ Fitness Components?

    I am going through the same problem. The only thing is my UFM is telling me that i have to take a PT Test and i am only doing waist. The issue i am having is that i am basically unable to move at all and have no way to do anything physical to keep fit. Since this will be my 3 failure due to my...
  14. HuntingDog22

    Lack of help and knowledge

    I know its been a while, but this is due to me being laid up and in so much pain. I have done everything in my power to try and get help for my pain. I have had 7 ER visits since i first injured myself. A little flash back from my injury. I herniated two discs @ L4-L5 and L5-S1, I have...
  15. HuntingDog22

    Images of injuries

    i don't know at this moment where the place of this is or where the degenerated disc is exactly but this is me. plus the L4 & 5 herniated discs and the bulging disc that is pressing on a nerve.
  16. HuntingDog22

    Images of injuries

    would anyone know of a good site that i might be able to type in my injury and an exact image would pop up. i want something that will also pin point exactly where and label what it is. what i am trying to do is get all my ducks in a row so that when i go to the doctor i can see what he is...
  17. HuntingDog22

    L4 & L5 injury

    well folks i just had another visit to the ER, this time via ambulance. yesterday i finally got in to see a doctor at my so called hospital for the first time in over a month. he started off by scolding me for using the Army's ER so many times. that i was Air Force property and that i was making...
  18. HuntingDog22

    L4 & L5 injury

    could anyone tell me how risky it is and if it could be worth it to have a back fusion surgery. like i mentioned earlier they told me the results of the MRI and I don't like it. I have been freaking out for the past two days now. I don't know who to talk to and one person has told me that if i...
  19. HuntingDog22

    Patient Recovery

    If a person is in need of back surgery and could include spinal fusion, what all will the Air Force do to help them recover from it? Also do they have a time line on when the person should be done and back to work? Also upon reviewing X-rays,MRI's and tracking there progress could the individual...
  20. HuntingDog22

    L4 & L5 injury

    well today i found out that the MRI has revealed a slipped disc. now i had to call the hospital 4 times to get this information, and when i raised the question,"why was i not informed of these findings as soon as you got the report", i got back "OH". this person was under the impression that i...
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