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    Finally done with the board

    My husband just finished in front of the board at Ft Lewis and they gave him permanent 40% neck AND back instead of the 20% initally unfitting for just his neck. He will get to be medically retired now. We are so excited... it was a fight but certainly worth it. Thanks to all the posts we’ve...
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    Leave time after everything is done

    My husband was informed by his PEBLO that as of 1 August timelines changed and you are no longer allowed to take 60 days of leave. The total is 32 days for clearing and getting everything done from your signing the 199. Has anyone else heard this? She told him he will have to just sell back his...
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    PEB hearing at Ft lewis

    My husband will be going to Lewis in front of the board to try and get his back added as unfitting. What, if anything does he need to know about this process to help him be more prepared. Is he allowed to speak from notecards if he has to speak as he gets very nervous and forgetful. He is...
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    Missing condition from proposed ratings

    Anyone have any input..? Thanks :)
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    Missing condition from proposed ratings

    He is 20% DoD for cervical degenerative disc and joint disease. The diagnosis of Loss of cervical lordosis is what has disappeared. We see they combined some other issues and wrote it out why it was combined and how they came to their rating/decision but the loss of lordosis is addressed nowhere...
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    Missing condition from proposed ratings

    Not sure if this is the correct place or not, if not sorry. My husband got his ratings back today for review. I noticed one of his conditions was completely left off/never addressed. It was on the NARSUM, C&P exam, and is listed in section 4 ‘medical conditions determined not to be unfitting’...
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    Accepted findings.

    You were rated 30% for just the neck??
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    Medical records...

    He is Army, I will look and see what i can find that may help. Thank you!
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    Have you checked in to EPTS, are you fulltime active? Existed Prior to Service (EPTS) A young boy is injured and causes an EPTS condition“Existed Prior To Service” (EPTS) refers to medical conditions that were diagnosed or sustained before the service member joined the military. EPTS...
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    I don’t think you’re overly involved but I say that because my husbands PEBLO has strongly encouraged me/spouses to participate so they know what is going on and sometimes spouses have information that can help out as (I know I do) they tend to keep better records of Dr visits, issues, and just...
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    Medical records...

    Hmmm well this is frustrating! His IMR was rejected so legal is filing an appeal but he has no way of helping with anything for review as he gets shut out every where he asks and gets told each time ‘you’ll get a cd of all your medical records from while in service once you are out’.
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    Medical records...

    My husband went in and filled out the form to request records and they said sorry not when going through the med board process, we can’t even give you specific date visits -nothing at all! We then mentioned it to his PEBLO, she also said nope not until you are out now and then we’ll give you a...
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    First VA Appointment

    At my husbands VA appointment he had to have his list of everything he wantes to claim that he’d been seen for and they have a list of everything they ‘find’ in your records. They had 3 things, we had 18!! After all the c&p exams there are 19 of which 15 are things we had listed.
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    I can’t say much other then sorry for the craziness and frustration! My husband is currently going through the MEB process and it is ridiculous at some points and we get frustrated thinking about the jackoffs we know who scammed the system and got out with benefits for life and we’ll be lucky...
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    Medical records...

    Not sure if this is the correct posting for this to go under or not. I do not understand how a SM is suppose to be able to accurately show proof of issues when they aren’t allowed to access their medical records until AFTER they’re out completely. I am helping my husband and we were told gather...
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    Couple questions about C&P

    My husband has finally completed all of his exams and I have been walking through this with him helping him to be sure everything gets done, no appointments missed, etc (he forgets things very easily and gets very overwhelmed and frustrated). During one exam the dr says 'Tell me every time you...
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