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    VA Ratings turnaround

    Does anyone know how long the VA is taking to process claims/ratings ? I was found unfit 24 September and my Case was then forwarded to the VA for ratings.
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    Air Force Meb

    My MEB case was submitted to the IPEB about two weeks ago. I just received an email in regards to an “IDES ONLINE SURVEY”. I have not heard anything yet on the results on my MEB. Does this mean it is completed?
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    Surgery while going through MEB

    Do you know who the approval/disapproval authority on that would be ?
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    Surgery while going through MEB

    I am currently waiting on the VA to finish up reports from the C&P exams to send back to peblo. I just met with a doctor for an acute issue and pending results of an ultrasound I may have to have surgery. Does anyone know How this will impact my MEB? My peblo is on leave until next week so I am...
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    Question after C&P exams

    Hello, So I had some of my C&P exams this week. My referred consition for the MEB is for mental health. When I went to my mental health C&P exam it seemed like I basically gave my whole life history, family history, duty history. There wasn’t much in regards to my actual condition. Is this...
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    MEB Mental Health

    what has your timeline looked like ?
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    Upcoming VA appointments

    All, I am going through an MEB and have my VA exams next week. I’m being boarded for generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD. I have my mental health one and general medical. What do these appointments typically consist of ?
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    Supervison and MEB

    Good morning, I have a question I would like to throw out there. Has anyone been given a difficult time from their leadership while going through an MEB? In my current situation my supervision has been treating me very differently since being notified I am going through an MEB. My supervison is...
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    Timeline question

    Thank you for the reply! I got my results yesterday and will be going through a full MEB.
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    Timeline question

    Hello All, I am currently going through the MEB process. My package was sent to AFPC for the IRILO two weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone has been at this step recently and can give me an idea of how long that part takes for them to decide return to duty or direct a full MEB at the AFPC level ?
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