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    Overseas timeline.

    So my package was sent to AFPC on July 17. 2018. I recieved my ratings today Aug 17 2018. 70DOD/90 VA TDRL. I had OSA as an unfitting condition along with a MH issue that is Co-Morbid. No kidding I might not be alive without this forum to give me information,calm my anxiety, and give me hope...
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    Timeline/Rating wait time

    So I’ve tried to call Providence like 15 times to no avail. I got the urge to try today and low and behold I got an answer. Downright surprised me. The guy was super nice. I just wanted to know if my case was at the VA or not and he said it was pending decision approval. This forum prepared me...
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    New to MEB/PEB process. My Timeline so far...

    Congrats! By average it looks like I’m halfway to finding out my ratings as well.
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    Fresh case timeline

    Well put. I’m antsy and it’s only been two weeks waiting on afpc
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    My Timeline

    The 618 is the form with your unfit conditions that would be sent to AFPC for the Informal Board
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    Second opinion?

    second Opinions matter
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    Question about form 356

    For sure let me know.
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    What do you think? Has a decent layout for conditions and ratings and how they rate. People aren’t to keen to play the “rate me” game as it could give false hope or information when there are so many factors involved. I know it’s not an answer but good luck.
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    What is the website?

    Wow, that goes deep. Good luck sifting through that!
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    What is the website?

    I don't think it's what your asking for but I found helpful.
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    New to MEB/PEB process. My Timeline so far...

    When I have the time I will be posting a timeline I just have to double check dates and whatnot.
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    New to MEB/PEB process. My Timeline so far...

    I have a shit memory but I have been talked to about an MEB since the end of 2016. Code 37 didn't start until Sept of 17. Commander impact was December, C&P apps in Feb of 18. I had some issues with my Narsums and having them gathered because it was mental health and my PCM. I did an IMR for my...
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    Lower Back Issue and Fitting/Unfitting Post-IPEB

    You got your 30%. I'd say work anything on the VA side but I'm new sooo..
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    New to MEB/PEB process. My Timeline so far...

    I have a similar case. I hope the odds are in your favor!
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    Office of Airmen's Counsel

    I am about to see my 618. I called and was told I was too early in the process and to wait until the PEB before I could talk to an attorney.
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