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    AFBCMR questions - PDRL

    What you are referring too is called pyramiding. So lets say you blow out your back, and you have two bulging disks. They will combine that into one rating. The VA code some times won't match the military code, I don't think that it has any bearing on anything. On to your other question, the VA...
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    I know I need to be more patient... (venting)

    At least your case is in he records collection phase. I sent my packet 8 months ago, and they still haven't requested my records. The response I got is that they have a large amount of cases awaiting records, and that they will not send any new records requests until they clear out the backlog...
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    Navy timeline

    Did your address change. From reading this site, those forms are requested after the PDBR approves and increase which qualifies you for disability retirement. Maybe you missed the "white envelope", or it got lost in the mail.
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    PDBR Retirement Decision

    I think you mean the withholding on the back pay. Normally it is 25%, but you can complete a form and ask for additional withholding if you have other taxable income.
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    There are 2 Tricare plans. The "free one" in which you don't have to pay a premium, and then Tricare Prime, which you do have to pay a premium. Thanks to you and the excellent info you have provided, I was able to ask around and found out that if you select the "free" Tricare, you can change...
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    Last stages of PDBR??

    If VA is higher, then he won't receive anything from the military retirement. If he qualifies for concurrent receipt, or CRSC, he may receive something from those programs. If his DOD retirement is more than his VA, he will receive the difference. I won't receive anything. When I was still on...
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    Last stages of PDBR??

    Wow, lucky for me I don't live in a Tricare Prime service area, so I have to select the "free" Tricare Select plan. I guess I won't have the option of survivor benefits, there isn't any way for me to pay it.
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    Last stages of PDBR??

    tinker, I want to clarify something with you. The reason I filed for PDBR is because of the heath insurance. I was discharged in 2002, so I am one that is at the front end of eligibility. You said that you have to "catch up" the health insurance premiums if you choose a plan that has a monthly...
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    Anyway to rejoin?

    I would like to just add my experience here. It is very difficult to get back in, after being medically retired. I know a Marine who was in a Stewart that ran over an IED. He had a fractured skull, severe brain swelling, and was in a medical coma for 4 months. Due to the pressure on the military...
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    CY2017 case results mostly denied?

    I noticed the same thing. Lots of denials. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the denials take less time, so if you aren't going to get an increase, you get your results back faster. Some on here are now at the 3 year mark, which seems crazy to me, when some of these denials posted in...
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    Question about the process

    I have some questions about what happens if you are rated at 40%. My situation was this, during my med board I was rated at 40% due to loss of range of motion of both of my ankles due to severe heel fractures. I was placed on TDRL. Right after I got out, the VA rated me the same as the med...
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