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    Firing VA providers

    Crazy happenings! I have had decent luck so far (knock on wood) I just hate the extra steps to get pain meds refilled- (have to go in and have labs done and "prove" that you are taking them) The VA here is back logged/short staffed on specialties I see- so I have found good outside Dr's thru...
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    Community Care over billing the VA; $101M

    Wow that's a lot of over billing the switch from UHC to Health Net at the beginning of the year was painful- they knew in Oct that they were getting the contract, but didn't do anything for the transition (or so it seemed) HealthNet was "allowing" people to keep their PCM even if they weren't in...
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    Army or Air National Guard long delays

    Watch your dates- what I mean is when you finally get thru the system (MEB). make sure that the total time is accounted for. what happened to a friend is they got hurt on a drill weekend (important) and went thru MEB. when everything was complete the VA had their "total time served" as 2 days...
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    Dependents Education Assistance Program for spouse/children

    the 36 months is for each individual I'm not sure when it changed or will change (maybe Oct 1- new fiscal year) but it was 46 months or still is. there is also a change in how the financial side is calculated. best bet is to call and ask. there is a different phone number then the regular VA...
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    Provider keeps adding requirements for MEB referral.

    I went thru the same thing- I went and started physical therapy and made it thru I think 4 appointments before I stopped- made things worse the MRI- you haven't had one in 6 yrs- you need a new one- so they can compare to your "baseline" (previous). I also had to turn down surgery in order to...
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    ROM vs dehabilitating?

    the ROM and percentage are correct. forward flexation of less than 30 degrees OR debilitating for 6 weeks or more (if that is the correct verbiage) I am guessing you are talking about the lumbar. it is one or the other, not both I know this because I was retired for lumbar and my forward flex...
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    Medical records...

    that is messed up- If I was him I'd be asking to talk to someone higher than the person at the desk. AR 40-66 2–3. Release of information when the patient consents to disclosure a. Requests from patients. If a patient requests information from his or her medical record or copies of documents...
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    Hope you did also!

    Hope you did also!
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    Medical separation

    I don't know the in's and outs of AF, but I do know it starts with the "informal local board" the IRILO i believe. I would change dr's or talk to the surgeon to see if they would recommend it to you primary. AF has extra steps that the army does not. army- P3 triggers the MEB. there are...
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    Medical separation

    what service? do you currently have a profile? how long have you been on profile- continuous no lapses if it has been a year then at least in the army it "should" get changed to a P3 and trigger a MEB- not always true
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    Less than 15 years

    if they were in the MEB process they should not have been separated until the process is complete. were they notified that the MEB started, contacted by a PEBLO and had C&P exams? if so that unit was wrong I know this as this happened to a friend that is almost complete with MEB. they are NG...
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    Less than 15 years

    are you asking if a soldier who has a current VA rating (30% or higher) that is currently in the NG can be retired? - No soldier has to go thru the MEB process to be retired.
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    Less than 15 years

    If it's the army NG- they are suppose to follow AR40-501- standards of medical fitness. It's not so much can you do your job- that is a part of it, but can you do the soldier tasks and drills? (if you look at the army long profile there are I think 8 of them. if any are checked it should be...
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    DoD and VA Award

    Unless you have 20 years in and eligible for regular retirement you will only receive VA OR DOD- not both. usually the one that is more advantageous is VA as it is non taxable. your VA rating is everything that you were rated for the 80%.
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    Permanent DoD. What happens if I say Piss off to the VA?

    The future exams might not have anything to do with being an amputee. there are probably other issues that you were rated for - say shoulder or allergies. The big packet of paperwork you received after your ratings were finalized it spells out what issues they are saying "may change". and I know...
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    Permanent DoD. What happens if I say Piss off to the VA?

    Everyone's experience is different. I personally have been treated at VA's in 3 different states. All my experiences have been good. bottom line- everyone has different experiences- why not give it a try you might be pleasantly surprised. I know I was apprehensive when I was first seen at a VA...
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    Saunders v United States

    Yes- pain is subjective- one persons "10" is someone else's 4. something else that changes a persons pain rating- chronic conditions. if you have one you "get use to it" and your view of pain/tolerance changes
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    Saunders v United States

    will this translate to other areas- like SSDI- being able to use this federal case for appeal or hearing?
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    IDES Dashboard in AKO

    from what I remember I couldn't see anything until after I think it was the PEBLO had to input stuff (I think this also is "their" way of not missing deadlines)
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    What do I do next? IG, Congress, Art. 138, nothing?

    From reading other threads -you got hurt on orders and are entitled to incap pay. Orders- if surgeon says the has to be don (necessary) they " shouldn't" deny orders Others are more knowledgeable in this area
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