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  1. oddpedestrian

    AF - New Evidence/Condition During IPEB

    Your commander was right to chastise you its time to transition your time is up you signed your ratings and I doubt the BCMR will increase from 50-70% later down the road either. You have somewhat hinted that it's not all about the ratings but about finances, you don't know how you are going to...
  2. oddpedestrian

    Earning >SGA while on SSDI

    I always give people in this situation tough love because their circumstances are completely implausible no matter how much they try to justify it. You are bringing in close to $4600.00 TAX-FREE dollars a month and have somehow found yourself destitute. If you claim to work over the SGA because...
  3. oddpedestrian

    Disability question

    Probably a good idea to get a VSO who will let you know which doctor will give the claim the greatest weight at the bare minimum they need to review your entire C-File, most of these types of claims get denied but a few vets pushed it through and got it SC as a secondary to a MH condition.
  4. oddpedestrian

    Banging My Head Against The Wall - Army CRSC

    MOPH no longer provides VSO services...
  5. oddpedestrian

    Disability question

    In February 2019 all reopen claims will be adjudicated using the new VAIMA rules which means you will file a Supplemental claim and must provide new and relevant evidence immediately or your claim will be denied before it started. Most likely you need a nexus connecting it to service or PTSD as...
  6. oddpedestrian

    Gulf War Syndrome - Depression/Mental Illness in children

    No, you cannot file a claim from what your father went through down range, other than specific birth defects that are supported with corroborating evidence primarily from AO exposure. The VA only has an obligation to provide treatment and compensation to Veterans, not freeloaders.
  7. oddpedestrian

    Questions concerning retirement orders and TDRL

    You probably will be receiving mostly VA compensation and not retired pay but not always depending on what your VA ratings are. Log into ebenefits and click on letter generator to generate your benefits letter it will have your pay and pertinent service information on there. Because you are not...
  8. oddpedestrian

    Tricare Prime If Medical Retired

    Your milconnect account should have all your coverage information and eligibility on there what does it say?
  9. oddpedestrian

    Decision Letter and Retro Pay

    Do an IRIS inquiry and be as detailed as possible the RO will respond.
  10. oddpedestrian

    Medically retired question

    Unless HR 333 ever passes the short answer is no it seems congress agrees on the calculation just not on who is going to pay it 2.5% X (Whatever your DOD pay is on mypay) X TIS. The bill now has 48 co-sponsors. I'm in cahoots with many organizations pushing this a lot harder.
  11. oddpedestrian

    Decision Letter and Retro Pay

    What's your percentage for the new disability? print out your Va benefits letter as well.
  12. oddpedestrian

    PDBR results not good

    By reading the doctors responses it does seem that you need to appeal you are at least 50% by that alone probably more towards 70% or above.
  13. oddpedestrian


    Welcome! Glad you found us.
  14. oddpedestrian

    Abilify Unfitting?

    I was told it was but havnt been able to locate documents that list medications as unfitting.
  15. oddpedestrian

    PDBR results not good

    Should have been a DBQ mental health exam what she check for question 4? that's key.
  16. oddpedestrian

    PDBR results not good

    It sucks many times they just go off what the examiner wrote on the dbq and look at nothing else. This is why it's very important to get a copy of that exam have you spoken to your peblo? She must have a copy or can get one.
  17. oddpedestrian

    PDBR results not good

    Nvlsp can represent you pro bono but you are on a very limited time crunch and need to talk to counsel asap. The good thing about IDES over VA claims is you get to see a copy of the DBQ and NARSUM before it goes up to get rated why didn't you object to what was in it? No doubt the DBQ and the...
  18. oddpedestrian

    An infection from dental

    Immediately tell your PCM of the outside doctor's opinion and get their take on it then go to the dental clinic and talk to the commander there they all usually have open door policies. Depending on their answers will determine if you need to escalate it hopefully they will open their own...
  19. oddpedestrian

    SSDI Denial--Outdated Records

    Unless you open an ebenfits claim requesting your C-File from the RO you will receive only partial records everywhere else. The fact that bluebutton gives doctors the option to hide information in your medical file is just an incredibly unethical rule IMO.
  20. oddpedestrian

    New here, usure of what's next

    Let your Patient Advocate know your concerns and go from there.
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