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  1. Jason Perry

    Medical Standards Directory - Latest update to the MSD

    This is the most recent version of the Medical Standards Directory. It is dated 29 MAY 2017.
  2. Jason Perry

    Medical Standards Directory

    Jason Perry updated Medical Standards Directory with a new update entry: Latest update to the MSD Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Jason Perry

    Looking for info on MEB for Fibromyalgia

    What branch of service? I ask because then I can point to the service regulation. Bottom line, though, if you have a condition that fails retention standards, you should be referred to an MEB and PEB. What profiles are you on (permanent or temporary), what do they say, how long have you been...
  4. Jason Perry

    Bicuspid valve and 4.4cm aortic aneurysm

    Moose, Please start your own thread about your issues. It would be helpful if you supplied some additional information, such as your branch of service, your profiles/duty limitations, and your goals.
  5. Jason Perry

    More PEBFORUM technical updates!

    Hey PEBFORUM members! This morning, I installed an update to the forum software. There are a great many improvements, features, and security updates with this update. I will follow up over the next few days with further explanations. However, if you want to read more about the features in...
  6. Jason Perry

    DOD 80% TDRL; 100% VA Appeal Question

    From what you have stated, I think you may have a very hard time getting the TDRL determination (vice PDRL) overturned. Understand, there is a difference between the medical term and the PEB term "stable." Medically, it may be that your condition is stable. However, for PEB purposes, the...
  7. Jason Perry

    DOD 80% TDRL; 100% VA Appeal Question

    Is the narcolepsy the only unfitting condition? What did the PEB (and the MEB NARSUM) state about the stability of each of your unfitting conditions?
  8. Jason Perry

    10 working days till ETS. Can i still get MEB boarded?

    Yes, you can. You should get with your PEBLO as soon as possible. Best of luck!
  9. Jason Perry

    Army Doc needs advice

    I am glad that all worked out well for you! And your thanks means a lot. It is very motivating to hear the forum making a positive impact. Best of luck in the future!
  10. Jason Perry

    Bicuspid valve and 4.4cm aortic aneurysm

    It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. The DoD policy on deployability suggests to me that you should have been found unfit.
  11. Jason Perry


    Don't forget about the impact of your migraines on deployability (especially given the DoD memo on deployability).
  12. Jason Perry


    Ah, okay. Well, yes, then gathering evidence regarding your migraines and, especially, their impact on your ability to perform your duties, makes sense. If you can get an updated memo from your commander detailing how your migraines impact duty performance (and, ideally, stating that they...
  13. Jason Perry

    Should i be speaking to an attorney?

    I could not disagree more with this position (but, it is an accurate statement of the OAC's position- which I think is driven by available number of attorneys and not the needs of the client). Early representation can help with deciding on a realistic early set of goals and with shaping the...
  14. Jason Perry


    Or are your migraines currently found not unfitting? I am not clear about your situation.
  15. Jason Perry


    Is your case an Legacy Disability Evaluation System Case? If it is an Integrated Disability Evaluation System case, the FPEB will not have any ability to change your ratings. That would be accomplished through a VA Rating Reconsideration Request (VARR).
  16. Jason Perry

    New Moderators

    I just want to give some credit for these two new mods. They have been great about knocking down spam posts, which has saved me a lot of time. On top of that, they have continued to respond to posts in a way that has helped the person asking the question. If anyone should be applauded, its...
  17. Jason Perry

    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    This is not the end all and be all for getting a good calculation. But, it is a starting point:
  18. Jason Perry

    PTSD LOD through NGB

    This is the Army Regulation for LOD's. It is not condition specific (that is, it deals with all conditions or disabilities).
  19. Jason Perry

    June/July/Aug VA Reconsideration

    To suggest that using the steps set out by Congress, the DoD, the Military Service Secretaries (and, by agreement, the VA), to challenge a proposed rating from the VA via the VARR makes no sense to me. I have had dozens of cases where the VA got a proposed rating clearly wrong, submitted a VARR...
  20. Jason Perry

    CRSC please help

    Here is a helpful tool: DFAS Disability Retirement Pay Calculator
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