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    Timeline for Severance payments

    Looking to see what the timeline everyone is seeing for payment of final check and severance? I will keep this posted when I receive mine as I separate 28 Mar 2014. Local Finance stated it would be paid on the 1st of April.
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    SRB payment question

    Been through all of the process and being seperated with severance. Question I have is my srb payment should be 2 mar but is not showing on my les like in years past saying you are scheduled a payment. My ETS IS 28 Mar so not sure if this will be paid or not. Finance says they do not know...
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    IPEB questions USAF

    I have been through all the local boards and my case was sent to the IPEB early Aug. PEBLO states she will know nothing until the whole process is complete and ratings are back. I am guessing as it is taking a bit I was not found fit. But how can I find this out? I have asked my PEBLO and she...
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    Questions on C&P Results

    I under stand the range of motion ratings but not sure of others. New to this and curious as to what it may be. See below for C&P results Ringing in both ears, the diagnosis is subjective tinnitus. Subjective factor is ringing in both ears. Objective factors are none. The etiology of the...
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    Confused on Whole AF process

    I guess I have been looking here and what I am being told doesnt add up. Reffered for non union of patella/osteo arthritis/Chrondomalaica Patells. Put on year long profile. Told I was going to be MEB'd. Got all of my records from off base surgeon for my three knee surgeries. Some one from the...
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    Broken knee cap/Osteo Arthritis

    Long story short, I fell on the ice and broke my patella in 2010. Went in and was refered to a family dock at lakenheath who put me in a knee brace and said it will heal on its own. Waitied 4 months then went to PT. Couldnt stand the PT as the pain was intense. Went back in to PCM and X-Rays...
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