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    Finally finally finally over for me!!!

    My meb us finally over and started leave. Seven months later. Took exactly three months just to get my ratings. Then I had my orders about to start leave leave on January 29 2019. Then orders amended and finally February 14th finally signed 214 and left for transition leave. So from August 9...
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    Can they mess up on your orders and they get revoked or amended. What is the code for medical separation with severance? I got 20% dod. Do these look right. Or they mess up on my orders...?
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    Please help!!!!

    So I got 20% from DoD. But my orders say im medically retired. Can someone please help me rather my orders will have to be redone or not. Anyone else have their orders and have 20%.
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    Orders timeline

    How long has it been taking yall to get y'alls orders once you turned in paperwork to request orders? Just wanting a general timeline on how long it will take. Just turned my paperwork in at tue sfl center monday January 7
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    Done on claims...???

    Is this mean my claim is done, and will hear something soon from my peblo? I checked historical claims and it said this. But it still says open claims review of evidence....
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    Still waiting on ratings

    Been over 2 months on ratings. So damn sick of waiting on these ratings. The VA is a sick joke. Unheard of.
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    Va ratings taking forever!!!

    My va ratings are taking way too long. Got my unfit memo on oct2 2018. Still waiting on ratings. Been coming clist to 2 months. Only have 11 claims. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any advice? Or can point me in a direction to get some help. Called the va. They never really say...
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    Pending decision approval.

    Just wondering in everyone else's experience, when ebenefits says pending decision approval.. How much longer till i have my ratings? And for sure when will i hear a no later than date and data t how much longer till I'm out? I know I'm annoying but just ready to move on. Dint care about ratings...
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    Timeline for rating&no later date?

    Im stationed here in fort hood. About how long has it been taking people to get their ratings back and no later than date after stuff gets forwarded to va for ratings?
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    How much longer

    I received my unfit memo the ninth of this month. I am stationed in fort hood texas. Waiting on ratings. My question is about how much longer do i have till I'm out. I started my meb on August 9 2018. Can anyone shine some light on my case? Or give me a rough estimate in their experience.
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    Can more people post their time line in fort hood.

    Seeing if more people can post their time line from start to finish(recent) in fort hood texas. Here's mine if it will help someone. *August 9 started my meb *August 11 met peblo *August 13 IDES inbrief *August 20 va claims *August VA c&p exams:23, 27, 28, 29, and Sept 17 last va exam(claimed...
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    Unfit memo!!!

    Signing my unfit memo tomorrow october 10!!!!! Finally over for me.
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    Doing my narsum finally today. Anyone have any advice? What to expect? Etc...
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    My MEB/PEB ako

    I cannot check my progress for my MEB on ako. Ive been at my MEB for over a month now. I have my last Va exam on Monday the 17th. Anyone else not being able to track their MEB on ako?
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    Commanders letter

    Ive had my meb going for a little bit now. My commander hasnt sent his letter in yet. Its been well over 72 hour window. More like over a week now. What impact can this have? What could happen to him?
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    During the actual meb and peb do they look at just reffered conditions or everything when making decision of fit or unfit?
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    Meb question.

    What is the chances of my meb getting denied? I have medical fliles and mris showing i have ddd in my neck and back. Pinched nerves in both and more. And shoulder problems. Anxiety and depression. If they deny my meb. Will i just admin seperate? Any help would be nice.
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    I was lied too!!!

    So i was under the care of a dr in physical medecine. Done quit a few procedure with him. And finally did a epidural injection. Making it worse. My pain is so had it makes me naseausious sometimes. Anyway. Last follow up i did with him. He said that he was intiating a MEB and that i nees to...
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    meb initiated. whats next?

    okay so i had my follow up today. my physical medecine dr said that i have no other choice besides a medboard. he said hes turning in my medboard paperwork this evening. so whats next? i know he said to follow up with my pcm. so what comes next will i be contacted by someone. when will i start...
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    need help.

    This is my second thread I wanted to post. I also had a question on how close am I to being looked at for a med board. Ive done physical therapy, muiltiple mris and xrays. Each time they have found things wrong with my back. never telling me they didn't. Been on temporary profile over 224 days...
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