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    What next?

    Normally when your PCM puts in a P3 profile, it will be routed to IDES/MEB office in your duty station for an MEB doctor (the final approving authority) to review your medical records before authorizing or denying the P3 profile which usually takes about 5-7 business days. Most cases of delay in...
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    PCM Forgot to Initiate MEB

    Unfortunately, there is NO OTHER WAY TO BE REFERRED TO IDES WITHOUT A P3 PROFILE. Once your PCM puts in a P3 profile for your bilateral PE, NOT A P2, it will automatically be routed to the IDES/MEB office @ your base, and then, a MEB physician (who is the final approving authority) will go...
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    The attached PDF file indicated error upon downloading so there is no way to give you any insight on what your NARSUM says.
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    I know, and it feels like it's never going to end. The anxiety is killing me but hopefully, we will hear something very soon. I wish you the best!!
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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    What's PEB contact phone number?
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    @Kbert84 I am in U.S Army, and we have the same timeline. It'll be interesting to see if our ratings will be in at the same time. I will keep you posted. The wait kills me though.
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    Extending MEB timeline to get to 20

    With all formal appeals, it'll surely buy you more than 20 months. As for the VA exams, go in fully prepared because those providers usually do not go through all your medical records that the VA sends them before your appointments. Most of the questions they'll ask you will be from the...
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    There is NO further reevaluation after you've been placed on PDRL. Good luck, and all the best in all your future endeavors.
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    Navy Timeline | Spinal Fusion + PTSD

    WOW...I just have to wait it out then. Thanks for the info.
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    My timeline

    This is ARMY stat. Though I'm not sure about other branches, I believe they should pretty much be the same thing.
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    Navy Timeline | Spinal Fusion + PTSD

    Really? That long? I thought it only takes them about 15 days to assign appropriate rating. Anyways, good luck and thanks for the heads up.
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    My timeline

    98% of PEB referred cases are found UNFIT. Only about 2% are found fit and returned to duty.
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    My timeline

    PEB usually DOES NOT take more than 3 weeks to determine fit or unfit staus. If your PEPBLO submitted your MEB findings to the PEB on 1 MARCH 2019, by now you should have heard from them. Try and follow up with your PEBLO to track where your paperwork is at the moment.
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    Navy Timeline | Spinal Fusion + PTSD

    Congrats on your VA rating and good luck with the FPEB, but how long did it take for VA to get back with your ratings after you were found unfit by the PEB?
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    Go to those appointments fully prepared because those QTC contracted providers usually do not go through all your medical records that the VA will send them before your appointments. More so, most of the questions they'll ask you will be from the questionnaire so ensure to go through each of...
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    PEBLO hasn’t told me much

    Hey, Check and see if you have any signed P3 profile, and if you do, that will be your MEB referred condition(s). You, however, can still claim other condition(s) when you meet or speak with the VA MSC. Regarding your PEBLO, you've got to be very proactive with them. Stop by his/her office to...
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    Rating for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) of Right Lower Extremity?

    Hey Guys, Please, I will need your help in explaining to me how this rating will be done. I was referred to MEB for CRPS of right lower extremity, and I just got my C&P exam report yesterday and here are the documented findings under the Peripheral Nerves Conditions: All my right lower...
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    Thank you. I'll surely keep you posted with the outcome of my MEB.
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    Hey guys, I am not sure what to do with this information but has anyone here ever received an abnormal letter (see attached) from VES following a C&P exam. My questions are: Will this affect their finishing and submitting my C&P exam reports to the VA? What does this really mean? I finished my...
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