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    Vitamin Deficencies

    Interestingly enough my vitamin D was extremely low and my B12 was also borderline. No solution so far for those except keep taking the vitamin D supplements and monthly B12 injections.
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    Vitamin Deficencies

    I suffered from chronic fatigue for years and the army docs said I had a somatoform disorder (funny cause I was going to school at night to be a therapist). About a month before I ETSed I saw a civilian doc and found out my Testosterone was extremely low. A month after injections I feel great...
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    Requesting Reconsideration of my un-fitting conditions.

    I relizee this is an old thread but Im posting hoping that this may help someone else. I was diagnosed, for hypogonadism, after I had been to the formal PEB and had already receive the maximum rating that I could obtain. If I had had to present the case for hypogonadism, personally I would have...
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    Recently separated, waiting on severance/final pay?

    Just had the finance brief at JBLM and they are telling us 30-45 days after our last day on active duty.
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    Denied SSDI because of income

    I was approved even though I was never at a WTU; they called my supervisor to check on my ability to work.
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    VA C&P Hearing Test

    I would not push unless you are certain; but I have tinnitus and its often hard for me to tell if I am really hearing something or its just the standard ringing sounds. If you guess at gibberish and get it right, it won't be an accurate reflection of your hearing. Instead you've measured your...
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    Question about rating of DDD

    I received two seperate ratings, one for cervical, one for lumbar; also received ratings for each limb due to pain and numbness (radiculopathies).
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    DA 199 and bilateral factor

    Just noticed that the bilateral factor wasn't calculated into my numbers on the 199. Like an idiot I did not catch this until after accepting the 199 on Friday and indicating that I did not want to appeal. It's a four day weekend and I won't be able to see the soldier's council until Tuesday at...
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    VA Recon/FPEB

    I got my new 199 back, on the 30th of November, after the FPEB at JBLM. However, my attorney, from the soldier's council, emailed it to me with an explanation that it was not the final 199. She explained, in the email, that they must wait on new percentages from the VA before the final 199 can...
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    Malpractice and neglect

    You can go; but you'll have to pay out of pocket. It was worth it for me in the long run. I'll easily make my costs back with the items that I finally got documented and presented at the formal PEB. Ia week. asked a friend who she used and called and made an appointment. Got seen within Have you...
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    Desperate for HELP!

    Go see Go see the ombudsman immediately regarding the PTSD issues.
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    IPR accused for Milingering

    Which post are you at? We had a similar problem at Ft. Lewis (JBLM). The Ombudsman reported back up to the Surgeon Generals Office what was happening. Surgeon General sent a special team to Ft Lewis to review the cases. Suggest you and all of you that have had their diagnosis reversed go see...
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    Ft. Meade Timeline

    Mine didn't have a problem with it because of my injuries; definitely can't hurt to ask.
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    MEB? RTD?

    I'm also from Alabama; 20th SFG, went active, had a break in service, went back to the guard, came back active. Start a private conversation with me on the forum and we can talk.
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    Shell what???

    From my experience, its not three Doctors; I had a Colonel (he wore no medical insignia), a Lt. Col (administration specialist, and a civilian doctor (he was the medical expert for the board). Also, in my case I was gathering more evidence, so my military attorney advocated taking the full 10...
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    Found Unfit, continue duty?

    They haven't screwed with me lately; and honestly for the most part they leave me alone. When I spoke with the doctor at my independant review, he said "based on your permanent profile, no one in their right mind would have you pull staff duty." That being said, he would not make any changes...
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    Found Unfit, continue duty?

    You still have to pull them unless you are limited by your profile; what you have to watch out for is being put in the permanent CQ position. Remember there should be a DA 6 for duties such as CQ. What I personally have seen, is unit 1SGs say to hell with the DA6, then rotate all 24 hour...
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    Received wonderful results but...

    I had 50% and 70% and went to the formal board; they added my new conditions and I'm waiting on the VA reconsideration. To me it comes down to the evidence you have. I had nerve conduction studies proving Radiculopathies in my arms and legs.I also had documentation showing that they had...
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    Malpractice and neglect

    Problem is the guy who ordered Keppler to do it is still around; and it sounds like its back to business as usual.
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    Malpractice and neglect

    Doc, get your vitamin D levels and B12 levels checked. I thought my depression and exhaustion was from PTSD. Got a new shrink, she decided to check my vitamin D. Normal levels are above 30. Mine was a 12. After taking the supplements for about a month, I was able to stop taking anti-depressants...
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