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  1. oddpedestrian

    Is Title 37 USC 204 (g) the actual law?

    They have to then "interpret" and issue their own regulations this sometimes leads to lawsuits because the regulations are different than the law. If a dispute arises civilians sue in Federal Court asking for declaratory and sometimes injunctive relief. The Federal Court interprets the law and...
  2. oddpedestrian

    Chapter 61 & CRSC

    I believe chapter 61 couldn't get CRSC till 2008 16 dollars is a joke for what you sacrificed in combat.
  3. oddpedestrian

    I am 100% P&T (mental health), can I start work without concerning of a possible re-eval or reduction?

    Not typical especially if you are 100% P&T and not IU. It's that some believe it's unethical because a maxed out MH rating means "total occupational and social impairment" which in the worst case could possibly come up on a CUE if you had long term employment but I have yet to see it happen. Not...
  4. oddpedestrian

    undergoing treatments but close to ets, what happens?

    Depends on prognosis from your specialist or PCM.
  5. oddpedestrian

    Advice (short) - start of out processing

    I can't say it means "nothing" but often the examiner will opine that you either have never seen a rheumatologist or been diagnose by one and then state "less likely than not" basically sinking your claim happens a lot with fibro claims. My opinion is to definitely get to the specialist not...
  6. oddpedestrian

    Admin Sep for mental health?

    If you are referred and found fit then they can move on with the admin sep I haven't read the official policy but it is mostly there to protect Sailors from misconduct with a confirmed diagnosis. The admin sep is always a favorite tool to screw service members because they give you an honorable...
  7. oddpedestrian

    Combat related PTSD?

    Are you retired from the armed forces?
  8. oddpedestrian

    Fibromyalgia MEB

    Lots of fibro comes back fit or for separation. Your performance and evals/commander statement make a big difference on the outcome.
  9. oddpedestrian

    Massive Veterans Affairs Evidence Intake Center Portal Backlog

    Yea it's pretty much when they "acknowledged" they got it whenever that date may be.
  10. oddpedestrian

    Combat related PTSD?

    You have to be a retiree but yes it sounds like you qualifie only way to find out is to put in a application worst could happen they say no.
  11. oddpedestrian

    Tdrl to Pdrl

    You are most definitely done from the DoD end is your VA rating P&T? you would know by printing off your benefit letter if the answer is yes then you are done. CRSC and SSDI are two other options if you qualify.
  12. oddpedestrian

    after pdbr congressional inquiry and findings

    Something that could be missing here is that all your VA SC conditions are probably not considered unfit and requiring a rating from the DoD. The DoD does not work like the VA and rate conditions decades after service based on current severity only at the time of discharge.
  13. oddpedestrian

    My PCM doesn'tlike what my C&P mental health exam says...

    Can't say the question on block four of the exam "social and occupational impairment" gives the most likely answer.
  14. oddpedestrian

    TDRL 70% to 10% separation decision after first PEB on TDRL

    I take it I mainly use it for the same thing you do having my own doctors and escripts which is free.
  15. oddpedestrian

    TDRL 70% to 10% separation decision after first PEB on TDRL

    Do you have a copy of the re-exam from your peblo? It would probably have the answers we seek.
  16. oddpedestrian

    Thoracolumbar DBQ Technical Question

    99% of the time the Rater will only use the ROM those questions revolve around two cases over how ROM is measured and additional symptoms that can warrant a higher rating. The two cases are Correia v McDonald and Sharp v. Shulkin. This includes but is not limited to flare-ups, pain, weakness...
  17. oddpedestrian

    TDRL 70% to 10% separation decision after first PEB on TDRL

    I responded to your other thread you concurring with the examiner's opinion that you were doing better was a huge mistake you need to read what you sign not just what people tell you, it's harsh but the truth.
  18. oddpedestrian

    DoD sent letter that rating is going from TDRL 70% to separation with 10%

    How are your grades? If your medical notes and prescription are working that could be evidence that you are doing better this is a very popular myth that treatment means you are doing worst but it really depends how that treatment is going. Going to school everything good at home having a kid...
  19. oddpedestrian

    Looking for Help. 80% Pursue TDIU?

    Yes, but I would pursue it with an accredited VSO they are free and you can find them at your county government building or through the leading NGO's DAV, American Legion, AMVETS, or VFW. Typically they will send you to an exam to determine your ability to work but since you just had an exam...
  20. oddpedestrian

    Separation from misconduct

    That's if the provider submits an MEB they already claimed they do not think you have a diagnosis yet you cannot make them and yes it has to be service provider, not a civilian. The civilian can be for a second opinion but they may dismiss it if the provider does have the full situation in front...
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