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  1. PowertotheJ

    LDES vs IDES

    Understood, thanks so much for the response and the help!
  2. PowertotheJ

    LDES vs IDES

    I’ve only have about three and a half years of service, so it sounds like LDES may be the way to go. My PEBLO said she’d be able to get me all of my records too, so that’s good. Also, for clarification, if I go LDES, will I not have any appointments with the VA while still in service, or will I...
  3. PowertotheJ

    LDES vs IDES

    So I was just informed that my case is being submitted for an MEB, and I now need to choose between the LDES and IDES. On the surface, LDES seems to make more sense for me for a couple reasons. 1. I’m hoping to be able to start going to school full time when the fall semester starts, and the...
  4. PowertotheJ

    How long to hear back from AFPC?

    Hello all, My IRILO package was submitted on March 26. From what I've read, people traditionally hear back from AFPC on an RTD/Full MEB verdict within 1-2 weeks, but for me it's been over five weeks and I still haven't heard anything. I've been in contact with my PEBLO, but all she's said is...
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