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    Receiving Retirement Pay Instead of Disability Pay

    I was medically retired on 31 October after 8 years and 7 months in the Air Force. 40% DoD 80% VA. I felt I was briefed a hundred times on the IDES process and how my VA claim would be ready when I separate. However it's December and I've received a retirement check and nothing from the VA. When...
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    Hoping for a Positive Outcome : MDD, Brain Surgery, LOH, & Seizure

    A year ago an MEB didn't even seem like a factor in my life, now I am well deep into it on so many levels. I just hope the end result is satisfactory. I had planned on separating on my original DOS, 10 November 2018, and going back to school. AD, USAF, SSgt, 8 Years, Struggled with...
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