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    Too late?

    So I have already listed my claims at my first MSC appointment. I recently got my medical records from my neurologist and it says I have obstructive sleep apnea. How would I go about claiming that too. They told me back when I had the sleep test that everything was normal. They also diagnosed me...
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    What do you think?

    So I am currently on a MEB through the Air Force. I was diagnosed with epilepsy back around March/April and was notified last Thursday I'll be going through a full MEB. I saw my MSC for the first time the 10th and have all my claims listed (Hearing loss, epilepsy (Grand Mal and Petit Mal...
  3. J

    First VA Appointment

    So Thursday I had my first PEBLO meeting and being told Im unfit for duty and that I'll be going through a full MEB. She told me the VA will be calling me this coming week and I'll be having my first VA appointment soon after. I was wondering what happens at the first VA appointment and if I...
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    MEB Questions

    Alright guys. So I’m currently active duty Air Force and have been in for just under 3 years. I started having weird dizzy spells and some other symptoms and was actually ordered to go to see my PCM because I checked a box that said I was having dizzy spells. After meeting up with my PCM he...
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