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  1. stingerwooten

    Purple Hearts for TBI Under Review - Secretary Gates to report findings 03-31-10

    Just wanted to give everyone an update on the current issue of awarding Purple Hearts to those with TBI's and how they have been inconsistently awarded. Back in October 2009 Congress asked DoD to review its procedures for awarding the Purple Heart to troops suffering from traumatic brain...
  2. stingerwooten

    Another Service Member Gets The Shaft!

    Greetings my fellow comrades-in-arms! Just thought I'd put in my two cents. First, a little background on myself. I served with the US Army on active duty from 1991-2001 then the national guard from 2001-2006. Was involuntarily retired after undergoing a MMRB. Didn't refute the results at...
  3. stingerwooten

    Updated Schedule for Rating Disabilities; Evaluation of Residuals of TBI

    Greetings my fellow veterans! I just wanted to share something with those who are dealing with the after-effects of a TBI. A little background on myself; deployed to Iraq during OIF II. Shortly after arriving, I was knocked unconcious by an enemy rocket that exploded less than ten feet...
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