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  1. jeremymays92

    When are you notified of removal from TDRL?

    Thank you for help and reply @brohammer I attempted to contact HQ AFPC, could only get a hold of a TFSC representative. Every direct call transferred to the TDRL office would never get answered, same for emails to the TDRL box. Supposedly, the TFSC representative said a letter was sent on May...
  2. jeremymays92

    Can the med board process or VA change your referred mental health condition?

    Simple answer, yes it can. In 2015, I was given the rubber stamp 50% rating for the diagnosis of adjustment disorder with 'depressed mood' by the Air Force during the MEB process. The military providers would not accurately diagnose me. My first appointment with the VA a month after being placed...
  3. jeremymays92

    When are you notified of removal from TDRL?

    I was placed on TDRL on March 10, 2015 and my upcoming 5 year expiration mark is coming up next year March 2020, about 8-9 months left. The Air Force has only scheduled me for one TDRL Exam which I made sure to attend and it took place on January 2018. A month later, I received the letter of...
  4. jeremymays92

    TDRL for PTSD/Depression

    The Air Force, (assuming the same with the Navy) gave me the option to have the nearest MTF do the evaluation or have a VA/Civilian provider do the re-eval. The Air Force will send you guidance for a civilian/VA provider to complete the evaluation. They also said if the evaluation performed by a...
  5. jeremymays92

    TDRL for PTSD/Depression

    I would recommend taking all medication, ALL recommended treatment and do not resist them at all. In the end, they will find you "non-compliant" for recommended treatment and that won't look good for helping your case. I questioned my psychiatrist last Friday as to why the Air Force would say...
  6. jeremymays92

    VA Proposed Disability Decrease

    Thank you so much for the information! I have an appointment with my VSO tomorrow and will definitely ask about a codesheet.
  7. jeremymays92

    Receiving a Service Dog

    Thank you so much! I've been searching all over but this really helps!
  8. jeremymays92

    Does anyone go from TDRL to Active?

    tony292 is exactly right about the sleep being detrimental to one's health and could result in car accidents. I've had chronic sleep impairment since 2012 and was one of the reasons for being boarded out. Had some car accidents while I was still in and 2 most definitely can accredit to a lack of...
  9. jeremymays92

    VA Proposed Disability Decrease

    Can anyone shed some light on what is meant by "material evidence required" to reduce a 100% rating? I have 100% but it is a temporary disability. I have a VA Re-Evaluation next week and this comes just 1 month after the Air Force performed a TDRL Re-Evaluation on me. My findings were 100% and...
  10. jeremymays92

    How to contact USAFR IPEB?

    I first experienced a situation like this when I was supposed to come up for an MEB. I never had contact with a PEBLO. My Chain of Command came to my hospital because I was being treated in a civilian psychiatric hospital. Told me I was going up for a MEB. When I returned to duty after being...
  11. jeremymays92

    Currently TDRL and about to go through a Formal PEB

    I realize it would be hard to do in a short time frame but my best case scenario for one who wants to fight coming off TDRL for a return to duty would be to have steady employment if you are not already employed. I recommend a civilian equivalent occupation to your AFSC would be good proof you...
  12. jeremymays92

    So I took my c&p exam and I don't think it went all that good

    If you don't get the desired outcome, you need to appeal it if applicable. At that point, make the most of that opportunity and say everything you wrote down to best help your case.
  13. jeremymays92

    Are mental health conditions suppose to start a MEB right away ?

    I guess it depends on the situation. I had several instances before I was discharged. I tried to commit suicide in December of 2012, I spent 10 days inpatient and a good month to 5 weeks in Partial Hospitalization followed by placement on the high interest list. I had weekly visits with my...
  14. jeremymays92

    Does your DD-214 show any specifics of your diagnosis?

    I am medically retired, currently on TDRL for mental health issues. I have a 2 something RE-Code and does not imply anything about my health diagnosis. It does indicate it was a medical discharge.
  15. jeremymays92

    Denying Medication

    If you do get out and go to the VA, they will likely prescribe medication. By not taking medication, this can jeopardize your benefits. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to throw the pills down and tired of the weight gain but I want to keep my benefits. They still found me...
  16. jeremymays92

    Does anyone go from TDRL to Active?

    I know exactly how you feel. I never wanted to leave in the first place and am on TDRL as well for mental health issues. I made a similar post as you back in 2014 stating my desperation of wanting to stay and be found fit for duty at all costs. My recommendation if this is truly what you want to...
  17. jeremymays92

    Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (Mild) during MEB

    I completely agree. I was diagnosed with MDD and expressed my desire to stay. Felt interrogated by the doctor doing my NARSUM who evaluated me. He was a DOD doctor, not my psychiatrist. Expressed my desire to stay to all my providers and chain of command. They obviously had a different plan for...
  18. jeremymays92

    Schizoid ratings

    I would definitely seek an outside provider to try and get the most accurate decision. The Air Force would not recognize my Bipolar or PTSD while I was in. My PEBLO even told me I'm not Bipolar, Bipolar people don't know their Bipolar. 1 month after leaving the Air Force, 1st VA appointment and...
  19. jeremymays92


    Just from my experience, I was placed on profile and a MEB was initiated in a matter of a few months, less than a year. If my understanding is correct, a MEB is initiated if the health problem is not likely to heal in under 12 months. My whole process was a total of 13 months to include when my...
  20. jeremymays92

    Current wait for orders?

    I had my orders right around 1-2 week time frame if memory serves me right. The Air Force waste no time once the decision is done on their part and no more appeals. They will want you out fast once they know no longer need your services. My PEBLO stressed time sensitivity and basically...
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