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    Question about VA recoupment of sep pay v/s sev pay

    I finally got my letter from the VA today and they gave me a rating of 80%. When I got out in Jan 10 for non-rec of reenlistment I signed up for 3 yrs Reserve to get the sep pay for the amount of years I was in the military. Now the VA is saying they are gonna take that money back. Can they...
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    I posted a new thread under orthropedic injuries about a month ago with no response. I had over 80 views but no replies. I'm in desperate need of some advice ASAP. My package was sent in as a RILO and return to duty with ALC C2 and medical defferment for deployment with an indefinite...
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    Adult acquired flat feet

    I have been diagnosed as having degenerative foot disease. Both of my feet are severely flat. I can't walk or stand for no longer than 30 mins without having to sit and give my feet a break. I had bunionectomies on both feet, 2 bone graphs and 2 fusions on my right foot. I also have...
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