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    Received NARSUM, unsure whether to go with it or fight it

    So I received my NARSUM from my PEBLO and am having Legal review and we will come up with a game plan together in order to drive this the way we want. The C&P Exams were in the packet and my doctor, I thought did a great job annotating everything in the DBQ's; however, the Doctor who wrote my...
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    Army FT Sill Timeline

    So I just finished up my Final C&P Exam. Honestly hoping that they drag this out as much as possible because I am still a year out from hitting my 20. The good thing is the Holidays coming up. I am hoping this delays the process a few weeks. My PEBLO is on board for delaying as much as possible...
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    18 1/2 years Army, pending MEB/PEB

    So I have been in the Army for 18 1/2 years and they are starting a MEB/PEB due to some injuries that have progressed over the years (bi-lateral knees w/diagnoses for no high impact again, Bi-lateral shoulder injuries, and 3 bulging discs in the back with pinched nerves, arthritis in most...
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