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  1. 138MISFIT

    Intake exam at VA

    So I'm TDRL..That being said what can I expect from the exam? Is it stricter? Can they lower my %? This is all kind of scary. I've heard horror stories. Anybody?
  2. 138MISFIT


    I got my proposed ratings letter from the VA. Originally my case went historical then a new claim appeared under open claims(normal from what I've read). However, My "Historical" claim has disappeared!! WTH!! Any ideas??
  3. 138MISFIT

    I disagree with VA findings...Now what?

    What happens if I don't agree with the VA Rating. It seems they didn't take into account my ROM and none of the ratings seem to match up with the VASRD. Did they combine them? What the heck?
  4. 138MISFIT

    My timeline

    SEP 9th 2017: package was sent off to the PEB. NOV 19th 2017: VA has claim, but has not rated. My question is how do I check to see where my package is at currently in the PEB process. I've seen the number on this site to check on it's process but that number doesn't seem to work and only gots...
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