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  1. ssgtrivera


    Hey everyone! My new boss has a contact down in Texas and I was informed that my package was cleared for the board on 22 Oct 2009. As of this moment, the IPEB are currently reviewing ALL packages received in October in the order they were received. According to the "contact", I should have a...
  2. ssgtrivera

    Air Force: Force reduction of 3700 enlisted and officers

    I thought this was very inetresting. Please read below. I have included the link on the bottom on the article. Officials announce fiscal 2010 force management measures Posted 11/16/2009 Email story Print story by Daniel P. Elkins Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs 11/16/2009 -...
  3. ssgtrivera

    IPEB Results Back-Log

    I emailed my PEBLO yesterday telling him that my boss would like a status update. My package was sent up 06 Oct 09; the PEBLO said with the current back-log he does not anticipate having a decision from the IPEB until the middle to the end of February. :( I just wanted to let the board know...
  4. ssgtrivera

    IPEB Questions

    I'm in a civil engineer squadron and we deploy every 6 months like clock work. The heart condition I have does not allow me to be worldwide qualified. My paperwork was sent to the IPEB on 07 Oct 2009. The Commander and the shirt want me out because Im filling a slot that they could fill with...
  5. ssgtrivera

    NARSUM Question

    I went to see my PEBLO today and he gave me a copy of my Narsum. The doc wrote the NARSUM heavily favoring unfit for the military. What kind of weight does my doctor's recommendation carry? Also the PEBLO has requested a Commander's letter from my new commander. I was informed in a meeting with...
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